Top Features of Medical Call Center Software

Medical call center software is a vital tool for healthcare organizations. It enables them to manage and coordinate patient care, as well as support other administrative tasks. There are many features that make medical call center software a valuable resource for healthcare providers. Some of the top healthcare call center software features include:

  1.  Automated Call Distribution
    One of the most important features of medical call center software is automated call distribution, or ACD. This feature will help you to distribute calls to the right department and to agents who are skilled on the specific topic or issue of the patient. This is an important feature, especially in a medical call center, where it is important to provide top-quality customer service that is also efficient.

  2. Queuing System
    Another important feature of a medical call center software is a queuing system. This system will allow your customers to wait in a virtual queue until they are able to speak to an agent. This is a great way to keep your customers happy and ensure that they are getting the service they need. It is also important to offer a call-back option, so that patients can hang up the phone and recieve a call back in the order the call was recieved.

  3. Reporting and Analytics
    A good medical call center software will also include reporting and analytics features. This will allow you to track the performance of your call center and identify areas where you can improve. This is an important feature, especially if you are looking to optimize your call center’s performance. Your call center should look for a call center platform that allows your supervisors to easily monitor 100% of all interactions on all channels for the best possible results from reporting and analytics.

  4. Call Recording
    Call recording is another important feature of medical call center software. This feature will allow you to record all of the calls that your call center handles. This is a great way to track the progress of a call and ensure that your agents are providing the best possible service.

  5. CRM Integration
    Finally, you should look for a medical call center software that integrates with your CRM system. This will allow you to manage your customer data more effectively and improve your customer service.
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Understanding HIPAA Compliance In Call Centers

Under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), healthcare organizations and their business associates are required to comply with a number of regulations governing the protection of electronic protected health information (ePHI). This includes requirements for securing ePHI, logging access to ePHI, and properly disposing of ePHI.

In call centers, protecting ePHI is critical to ensuring the privacy and security of sensitive customer data. Call center agents may have access to a variety of personal information, including Social Security numbers, addresses, and health insurance information. To protect this data, call centers should ensure that agents have only limited access to ePHI, and that they are using secure methods to transmit and store ePHI.

In addition, call centers should have a comprehensive HIPAA compliance program in place, which includes policies and procedures for protecting ePHI, training for employees, and an incident response plan. By implementing these measures, call centers can help protect customer data and ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations.

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Why Choose Bright Pattern’s Omnichannel Solution for Healthcare Organizations?

The healthcare industry is constantly innovating due to increasing regulatory requirements and patient demands. In order to meet rising expectations, Bright Pattern provides an advanced HIPAA-compliant contact center solution that enables healthcare companies to deliver personalized customer service while protecting sensitive information and patient data.

Today patients require an easy-to-use self-service IVR for simple requests, billing, and appointment scheduling, with the option to escalate the call to a live representative at any time. Allow patients to use any channel, like mobile devices, SMS, secure text, video chat, and more. Automatically and intuitively route omnichannel customer interactions to the agent best suited to solve the patient’s issue.

Automatically improve interaction quality in your call center with our quality management features. Bright Pattern software automatically notifies quality management coaches of conversations requiring their attention using keyword extraction and deep content analysis by IBM Watson. You can easily search both digital messages and calls for insightful content analysis.

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