Healthcare Call Center Software

Digitize the Patient Experience with Omnichannel Communications for Healthcare

Empowering Service Providers, Medical Staff, Patients, Doctors, and Pharmaceuticals on any Channel

Healthcare call center software by Bright Pattern improves the patient experience and staff efficiency by using an advanced omnichannel platform. The cutting-edge, cloud-based software puts the patient first by providing interactions over voice, video, and digital channels. By adhering to HIPAA compliance regulations, hospitals and healthcare systems can utilize an innovative and easy-to-use software without fear of legal damages.

  • Collaboration tools such as conferencing, chat, and messaging allow medical staff to communicate securely and remotely
  • Routing enables the system to determine optimal availability of staff to agents and segment patients
  • Enables anytime/anywhere communications over multiple channels for staff and doctors
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Meets the highest levels of security
  • Measure and improve patient satisfaction
  • Provide analytics on how to improve the experience of care


Omnichannel Cloud Call Center Software for Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare providers are being forced to innovate and provide a more enhanced experience due to increasing regulatory requirements and patient demands. In order to meet rising expectations, Bright Pattern provides advanced features to simplify the omnichannel experience


Omnichannel Patient Experience for IVR and ACD

Today patients require an easy-to-use self-service IVR for simple requests, billing, and appointment scheduling, with the option to escalate the call to a live representative at any time. Automatically and intuitively route omnichannel customer interactions to the agent best suited to solve the patient’s issue.

Video and SMS for Better Patient Communications

It is becoming more important to give your providers and agents the opportunity to connect with patients over video and digital channels. Video calls between patients and healthcare providers can speed up interaction time, reduce in-office visits, and approve prescription medicines fast—all which improve the customer experience. Digital channels like SMS enable providers to deliver proactive and automated updates, appointment reminders, and tips.

Unified Agent Desktop

Consolidating customer data, communication tools, and easy-to-access information into a single desktop is critical in servicing your customers. The decluttered Agent Desktop puts actionable customer data and knowledge at your agents’ fingertips so they can solve customer problems, not hunt for information. By bringing all customer data to a single screen, agents are empowered to personalize each interaction.

Quality Management

Automatically improve interaction quality with our quality management features. Bright Pattern software automatically notifies quality management coaches of conversations requiring their attention using keyword extraction and deep content analysis by IBM Watson. You can easily search both digital messages and calls for insightful content analysis.

Call and Screen Recording

With increasing regulations and patient demands, it is important to store and review call and screen recordings for quality management purposes. Securely storing these recordings is critical to protect personal patient information and remain compliant with HIPAA regulations.

Maintain HIPAA Compliance

The Bright Pattern platform adheres to all HIPAA compliance regulations to ensure that healthcare providers can maintain compliance within their own organization. Features include:

  • Roles-based access controls
  • Encryption of data transmissions
  • Powerful scripting language to collect, transfer, and process customer data

Why Wait?

We are happy to answer questions, discuss specific workflows and requirements on a live presentation online, describe core benefits, or set up a pilot project to trial our applications without paying any license fees. Let Bright Pattern’s cloud contact center solution help you change the pattern of customer service