Tips for Integrating Microsoft Teams into Your Call Center Software

Having an internal business communication platform, like Microsoft Teams, is important to help keep your call center agents and employees stay connected, especially when your call center is managing a remote workforce. With the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise of the remote workforce, Microsoft Teams has become a larger player in the call center space, being the key business communication platform to allow agents to contact each other while they’re working from home or in the office. Here are some tips on how your call center software can integrate Microsoft Teams to create a seamless agent experience, increasing your call center efficiency and agent productivity.

Select a Platform That Allows You to See User Presence

One of the main benefits of Microsoft Teams is that your call center agents can see user presence. This means your call center agents can see whether or not a user is online, busy, away, or offline, and connect with their coworkers and colleagues depending on their availability. Depending on the platform, this ability can be transferred over and integrated into the call center platform. Through the right call center platform that integrates with Microsoft Teams, your agents will be able to see user presence within the Microsoft Teams integration on the call center software. This means that they don’t need to switch between Microsoft Teams and the call center software, since all the information they need on user presence is there on the platform.

Divide into Teams and Groups on Your Call Center Software

Another major feature of Microsoft Teams that needs to be integrated into your call center software that will improve the MS Teams experience in your contact center is the ability to divide your workforce into separate teams and groups. While it’s possible to divide your members into teams and groups on Microsoft Teams, being able to do that on the call center platform with MS Teams embedded into it will further improve the functionality of MS Teams for your agents, and lead to more efficient call center operations.

Select a Platform That Easily Integrates Microsoft Teams

To easily integrate Microsoft Teams into your call center software, you need a contact center software that can integrate with Microsoft Teams out-of-the-box. This means having a platform with open APIs and plug-and-play capabilities that can easily integrate Microsoft Teams. Bright Pattern’s cloud-based omnichannel call center software, for example, has high scalability and customizability, as well as many open APIs that can easily integrate third-party software, whether it’s software from ServiceNow, Hubspot, Zendesk, Oracle, AI, or Microsoft Products like Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams.

Aside from Bright Pattern’s integrations with Microsoft Teams and other leading software providers, Bright Pattern is omnichannel with AI that can power efficient, high-quality customer service for your organization. Connect with customers across all digital channels, including web chat, SMS, text messaging, messenger apps, and mobile app, while also connecting with them on traditional channels like voice and email. Combining Bright Pattern’s powerful integrations with platforms like Microsoft Teams with Bright Pattern’s natively-built platform with high call center functionality is a winning combination.

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