How to Choose the Right IVR Software for Your Business

IVR technology is critical for inbound call centers that want to optimize their call center performance, the performance of their call center agents,and improve KPIs and metrics. To ensure that contact centers are delivering the best possible service during inbound interactions and incoming calls, call centers need a powerful, advanced IVR that can personalize the customer experience and efficiently route callers to the right resource quickly. Here are the things you need to look out for when choosing the right IVR software for your business.

AI-Powered Natural Language Processing

One of the most important tools to look out for when choosing the right IVR system for your call center is seeing whether the IVR system has AI-powered natural language processing, or NLP. NLP is critical for an efficient, yet personalized IVR experience for the customer, because it allows the customer to use their own voice to navigate through the IVR menu. Natural language processing analyzes the customer’s speech and utilizes speech analytics to decipher what the customer is saying accurately. This data is then utilized to lead the customer or caller to the right resource through the menu system.

With Natural Language Processing, call centers can set up conversational IVRs that let the customer use their own voice to navigate the menu and enter in information, making the experience more personalized and seamless.

AI Integrations

Identification Capabilities with Seamless CRM Integrations

Another important capability for IVR software to have is the ability to utilize NLP and the information that customers give through their own voice and utilize this information to match the customer information with CRMs that are integrated into the call center software. ID capabilities allow customers to ID themselves and confirm identification with certain information. This is helpful, especially if customers need to identify themselves for security reasons or so the call center menu system can perform more tasks for the customer through the self-service menu. This is critical for industries that handle sensitive information, namely businesses that handle financial information, healthcare information, or government organizations that handle critical citizens information.

In order to perform ID through IVR properly, this means having a CRM integration that can work with your conversational IVR and utilize this information to match with a customer record in the record management system. With seamless CRM integrations connected to your conversational IVR, your call center can make the customer journey frictionless and personalized, while making call center operations more efficient.

Information Capture with Conversational IVR

Combining the capabilities of natural language processing, speech analytics, and CRM integrations, IVRs can be utilized to capture customer information, which can then fill the call center’s record management system or CRM integration. Capturing information through the conversational IVR can help increase workforce productivity in the call center and improve workforce management. This is because information capture, when integrated with a CRM, can automatically fill out tickets with important information, like basic customer information and what type of issue they are facing. This is especially helpful when the customer needs to be directed to a live agent, who can take a look at the preliminary information on the ticket before they even connect with the customer. With the right platform that utilizes NLP, speech analytics, and CRM integrations, you can improve workforce performance and make the customer journey easy and personalized.

Bright Pattern IVR Capabilities

Bright Pattern’s call center software can integrate with best-of-breed AI as well as any CRM, whether it’s third-party CRMs like Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics, and Oracle or a natively-built record management system. This means Bright Pattern can utilize natural language processing to perform tasks like information capture and ID capabilities through a self-service menu, making the customer journey more personalized.

Bright Pattern's IVR Capabilities
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