2020 Trends: Advanced Quality Management–An Omnipresence for Omnichannel

When it comes to quality management (QM or quality assurance) for CX firms, the traditional method has been to monitor, evaluate, report, and coach–typically on the voice channel only. Active live monitoring gave way to speech recognition and email/chat transcripts, but with the explosion of digital channels the sample size of interactions for overall QM has decreased significantly. There are too many channels and too many interactions have companies failing to measure quality of interactions. In fact, a recent survey by Bright Pattern showed that only 13% of companies review every interaction and most just sample a small percentage of interactions. Limitations due to siloed databases, staff, and software/hardware make total omnichannel QM nearly impossible.

Enter our next trend in CX for 2020: Advanced Omnichannel QM

Advanced QM utilizes the power of AI to monitor every interaction for every channel along the entire customer journey. Whether it’s voice, text, chat, email, bots, messengers, in-app, or social media, AI uses tools like natural language processing (NLP), keyword recognition, surveys, and others to measure the voice of the customer (VoC) and sentiment in real time. Whereas traditional QM involves a follow-up visit with the agent, advanced QM can spot any issues in the moment and direct the representative to the correct information or appropriate individual. Advanced Omnichannel QM is game changing technology that is crucial to the future successful customer experiences.

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2020 Contact Center Trends: A Vision For the Future of Customer Experience

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