Bots in Action: Tips from the Pros

Spending on AI has increased significantly in the last few years. In fact, most C-level executives say that they have plans to increase AI spending in the future and deploy AI within their contact centers. AI is a very useful tool, applicable in channels like chat, in-app, social messengers, and more. Especially with the rise of remote work and self-service within the contact center, AI will only become more important within contact centers in the future. 

Benefits of Bots

Always on — Bots can be on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year unlike live representatives. This allows customers to engage in self-service and solve common inquiries any time of day. This is much more convenient than a traditional contact center which may only operate during the typical 9 – 5 hours when most people are busy at work. 

Never a Wait — Unlike live representatives who can only talk to one customer at a given time, bots can interact with an unlimited amount of customers. The big perk here is that customers never have to wait in long call queues. Customers can get access to the help they need, while representatives are only tasked with more important tasks. 

Smarter Bots — AI-powered bots can now get smarter with every interaction. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP), customers can use natural spoken language and the bot will understand. Bots will only continue to learn from past mistakes and get better at solving customer questions.

CSAT and NPS — Quicker handling time and providing customers with more channel options, including self-service channels via bot, will help to increase overall satisfaction. Bots can also deliver a more consistent experience.

Save Money — One of the main reasons businesses are looking to implement bots and AI is to cut costs. Agents can be expensive and take a decent amount of time to train. With a bot, you train it once and it is good to go, able to handle multiple interactions simultaneously. Bots can also save agents time by automating routine tasks, allowing them to handle more important issues. 

Agent Assistance — Bots can also help to assist agents in customer interactions by making suggestions based on what the customer asked. So if the agent is unsure how to proceed with the interaction, the bot may have the solution or best canned response to provide the customer.

Using Bots to Order Pizza

Bright Pattern customer Ocular Technologies recently deployed a bot that has all of our mouths watering. Over Facebook Messenger, the company deployed a pizza bot where customers can simply message in a pizza emoji in order to get their favorite order delivered to their house. Talk about a seamless and effortless customer experience! If there are no previous or favorite orders marked for the customer, the bots will inquire and, if necessary, hand the interaction over to a live agent.

Bot Tip #1: Use bots for common and simple customer inquiries. By offering the chatbot option for frequent customers, Ocular Technologies is able to free up a lot of agent time.

Bot Tip #2: Make sure your bot is true to your brand. 

Bot Tip #3: Offer customers an easier way to do business with you. If you see an area of your business that has low CSAT, ask yourself if there is a better way to help customers through their journey with bots and AI.

Bright Pattern Bots and AI Integration

Bright Pattern’s contact center platform integrates with best-of-breed AI to help contact centers maximize efficiency and boost customer satisfaction. Utilize AI to perform tasks like automate routine tasks, deliver self-service, assist agents during conversations, and more. Bright Pattern integrates with AI like IBM Watson and Google AI. 

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