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Mobility is the key to success in our new digital age. The world, including both customers and the workplace, are becoming more and more mobile. With the rise of the remote workforce as well as the skyrocketing use of mobile devices and mobile channels to communicate with customers, the need for your call center software and agents to be mobile is becoming more and more important. Also, with the rise of the digital age of customer experience, delivering a great, seamless customer experience is more important than ever. So what if there was a technology that could connect your whole business to the customer experience, and have different, siloed departments work together to provide the best possible customer experience?

Breaking Down Cross-Department Barriers

Bright Pattern Mobile is Bright Pattern’s new mobile app that puts the power of Bright Pattern’s omnichannel call center software into your employee’s smartphone, whether they’re using iOS or Android. This means that employees from anywhere within the company, even those outside the contact center, can utilize Bright Pattern Mobile. This means that employees outside the contact center, especially knowledge workers with more specialized expertise, can be put directly into contact with customers, leading to a more efficient, better customer experience. By breaking down the silos within the company, customers can connect with subject matter experts and customers can be directed to the best resources anywhere in the company, leading to a better customer experience as well as more cooperation within your organization.

Optimize Business Processes and Workforce Productivity

By removing organizational barriers that may have prevented easy customer access to the best resource within a company, Bright Pattern Mobile also eliminates inefficiencies caused by departments operating individually and not as one cohesive unit when delivering customer service. Bright Pattern optimizes business processes and workforce productivity. Allow for great productivity gains, improve cross-departmental cooperation, implement new processes, and have a holistic approach to customer service.
Bright Pattern's Work Force Management

Bright Pattern’s Unified Agent Desktop in Your Mobile Device

Bright Pattern Mobile allows employees to communicate with customers over channels like voice and SMS, giving employees multiple options to connect with customers at the customer’s convenience. Because Bright Pattern Mobile is also based on Bright Pattern’s platform and system, Bright Pattern Mobile allows agents to access contacts through contacts list and recents based on activity history, gives real-time status and availability of co-workers, employees can route client interactions to other representatives, and mobile interactions are synced with the unified reporting dashboard with key performance indicators and metrics.

Omnichannel Platform

Track CX Performance Throughout Your Entire Company

Bright Pattern Mobile allows voice and digital interactions to be tracked by supervisors, since Bright Pattern Mobile is linked to the Unified Reporting Dashboard. Because Bright Pattern Mobile can be used by any department, departments are able to track employee performance through the mobile app. Enable Your business to track team performance in different settings, like brick-and-mortar stores, and track performance on customer interactions in settings that might not have been possible on legacy customer service platforms.

Bright Pattern’s Omnichannel Quality Management

Bright Pattern Mobile for Better Customer Service

Bright Pattern Mobile is the perfect solution for a cloud call center that needs a mobile, omnichannel solution to help connect their businesses, and allow their employees to connect with customers on-the-go. Power omnichannel communications throughout your company, and extend omnichannel communication capabilities throughout your company to deliver better customer experience.

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