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In the contact center industry, big data and the use of it can make a big impact on the customer experience your contact center delivers. Especially for large contact centers handling high call volume, analyzing the data can help streamline your call center. Having call center analytics software in your contact center is crucial for providing excellent customer service to your callers. 

The level of insight you can gain and the amount of valuable information that can be pulled from analytics is invaluable. Through the use of speech analytics, text analytics, key performance indicators (KPIs), and metrics, you can gain actionable insights and discover new ways to improve contact center performance. 


Call center analytics software captures and tracks important data on the customer interactions in your contact center. Call center analytics can assist in monitoring agent performance and quality management in your contact center. This ensures that your call center is efficient and contact center agents are delivering the best possible customer service. 

Call center analytics gives you insight into information like call time length, customer satisfaction, resolution time, agent hold times, and customer conversion rates. Insights and contact center metrics like these can help with implementing workforce management, workforce optimization, quality assurance, and call center best practices. Through call center analytics, you can empower agents and ensure that every customer interaction is excellent.

Want to See Advanced Call Center Analytics in Action?


To ensure that your call center software is able to perform comprehensive call center analytics, ensure that the call center software has these features. 


One way to analyze customer interactions, optimize workflow, and collect data is through speech analytics. Speech analytics combined with an AI platform can provide automation to your call center, streamline your call center queue and workflow, identify business trends, provide support to call center agents during voice interactions, and identify the customer’s sentiment during an interaction.

Utilizing natural language processing, speech analytics can review the customer’s speech and phrases in real-time. This information can be implemented in a number of ways. It can be implemented in conversational IVRs to ensure accurate omnichannel routing, in a quality assurance system to review every customer interaction and gauge the customer’s sentiment, or in a unified agent desktop to provide support to agents during a customer interaction. 


Text analytics is another important analytics tool that can help you deliver exceptional customer experiences. Text analytics can review and monitor messages sent between customers and contact center agents. Using this information, text analysis can help provide suggestions to agents about how to respond and gauge the sentiment of a customer during an interaction. This is especially important due to the increase in the number of contact channels that have spawned in recent years. Customers are now engaging with businesses through channels like social media, email, webchat, SMS, texting, and social messengers. As a result, being able to analyze the messages and text sent through an agent dashboard during a customer interaction is a must in any cloud customer experience platform. 


The most important aspect of effective call center analytics software is artificial intelligence. Advanced artificial intelligence allows your call center analytics to comprehensively analyze all interactions, customer calls, and phone calls coming through your contact center. Through AI, you can monitor 100% of all interactions on all channels to ensure an excellent, consistent customer experience. By gaining information on all channels, your call center analytics will give you deep insights into how to improve the customer’s experience and improve business processes. 

AI is also the driving force behind accurate speech and text analysis. Through natural language processing, AI can rate interactions, provide suggestions on responses to clients, and determine overall customer sentiment during an interaction. 

Bright Pattern Combines Powerful AI with Speech and Text Analysis


There are many important metrics that can help measure the performance of your contact center. Here are the key metrics your contact center should use to measure performance: 

CSAT: Also known as Customer Satisfaction. CSAT provides a numerical score indicating how satisfied a customer is with a particular interaction. This metric is highly versatile and allows you to gauge your performance through a wide range of angles. 

CES: Also known as Customer Effort Score. CES gauges how much effort a customer needs to exert in order to have their inquiries resolved by the company. It helps identify barriers to providing great customer service. 

NPS: Also known as the Net Promoter Score. NPS is calculated by asking how likely the customer is to recommend the product or service to a friend. Customers are placed into three categories: detractors, passives, and promoters. 

SENTIMENT: How a customer is “feeling” about an interaction. It can be measured through speech and text analytics using artificial intelligence.


Bright Pattern’s advanced cloud contact center software provides built-in analytics tools to help streamline your workflow, provide insights into your performance, and ensure excellent customer experiences in every interaction. Utilizing advanced AI, Bright Pattern’s contact center software can help you monitor every interaction and give comprehensive analytics into your contact center performance.  It can also help your contact center perform speech and text analysis to gather metrics and gauge customer satisfaction through natural language processing. 

Aside from advanced call center analytics, Bright Pattern’s contact center software provides omnichannel capabilities that allow your agents and customers to switch seamlessly across any channel while maintaining the context of the conversation. It also integrates with any major CRM provider or your own CRM system of records. Combined with our built-in quality assurance system, Bright Pattern’s CRM and omnichannel capabilities will help your contact center deliver seamless, exceptional customer experiences in every interaction. All of this, hosted in the cloud with a competitive pay-per-use price. 

Powerful Call Center Software with the Best ROI According to Industry Analysts

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