CCW Vegas 2022 Recap

CCW Vegas 2022, the world’s largest contact center event from June 20 until June 23, 2022, was a major success! Bright Pattern, an exhibitor as well as workshop presenter at CCW Vegas 2022, was proud to be a participant, sponsor, and exhibitor at the event. Here is the CCW Vegas 2022 Recap.

Runner-Up for CCW Excellence Awards for Cloud-Based CX Solution of the Year

Bright Pattern, a finalist for the Cloud-Based CX Solution of the Year as part of the CCW Excellence Awards, was nominated as a runner-up for Cloud-Based CX Solution of the Year! Among 8 finalists, Bright Pattern received second place. The Cloud-Based CX Solution of the Year award is awarded to SaaS solutions that help CX practitioners achieve their goal of a frictionless user experience. Providers in the category facilitate seamless customer engagement within their preferred channel at their convenience, and it is evaluated based on the ability to:

  • Synchronize multiple channels into one customer experience 
  • Reduce friction for both the agent and customer
  • Improve KPIs like CSAT, NPS, and CES
  • Have concrete examples of client success
Cloud-Based CX Solutions

“The Future of CX – What’s Next?” Workshop

Bright Pattern hosted a featured CCW Vegas workshop titled “The Future of CX – What’s Next?”. This workshop was hosted by SVP of Marketing at Bright Pattern, Ted Hunting, and features two esteemed panelists. The panelists were Othmar Mueller Von Blumencron, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at VIPDesk, and Jessica Osborn, Operations Manager of IT Support Services at Randstad. 

The workshop was a massive success, with an attendance of almost 200 attendees. The workshop featured many different topics, including the rise of channels like messenger apps and chat, as well as different topics like self-service and the rise of the remote workforce. The workshop featured input from the panelists as well as audience members, who were asked to participate in questions and share their insight and experiences about the future of CX.

Bright Pattern’s Advanced CX Solution

Bright Pattern’s call center software was based on the cloud since day one, and is natively-built to be omnichannel. Bright Pattern’s call center software provides many capabilities that can help balance between improving workforce productivity while optimizing costs. These capabilities include comprehensive CRM integrations, integrations with best-of-breed AI, omnichannel quality management, and speech and text analytics. Bright Pattern is one of the most advanced, yet flexible cloud-based CX solutions on the market.

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