Contact Center Agent Assistance with Bots and AI

AI for the customer experience can extend past just helping customers. Artificial intelligence in its current form is very dynamic and powerful. With features like Natural Language Processing in many different languages, AI can assist agents during customer interactions through a variety of ways.

AI can assist agents during interactions through sentiment and text analysis. Sentiment and text analysis technology utilizes AI to gauge the customer’s moods and emotions during an interaction by analyzing factors like their tone, choice of words, and conversation content. Modern AI has vast analytical capabilities. For example, IBM Watson’s cognitive technology comprises an array of APIs and services for natural language understanding. IBM Watson can also process and analyze sentiment in eight different languages.

By gauging customer emotions, the AI can show the agent what mood the customer is currently in and provide suggestions on how to respond to the customer. Accuracy and efficiency can be further improved through the formation of rich knowledge case content with company-approved replies and templates. Sentiment and text analysis can also assist in the proper routing of customers to retention specialists or specialized agents for any interactions that turn negative.

Based on customer emotions, AI for agent assistance can also provide suggested responses based on sentiment and text analysis. When a customer chats or texts a question, AI analyzes the query and provides suggested responses to the agent. This makes it easier and more effortless for agents, which can make the customer’s journey easier too.

Implementing agent assist can help streamline workflow and assist in managing call volume spikes. Through agent assist, agents can reach resolutions faster and get customers moving quickly along the customer journey. Utilizing AI to assist agents is a great way to overcome some of the hurdles of managing a remote workforce.

Allowing bots and AI to assist agents seamlessly requires the right platform and technology. Seamless integration of AI with your CX operations means having a compatible platform that can handle it. For tips and advice on what the right technology is and how to seamlessly integrate AI into a remote workforce, check out the full ebook “Contact Center AI for Remote Workforces”

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