Heroic AI “Super-Vision” for Quality Management

Companies talk about the importance of offering great CX, yet the reality is that most companies don’t measure the quality of most interactions. Nearly 75% of companies measure the quality of voice interactions, but most other channels, especially newer ones like messengers, are not measured at all. And most companies that do measure voice only sample a very small percentage of interactions. The norm in this increasingly digital world is that most digital interactions are not monitored for quality and only a small percentage of voice interactions are measured. The bottom line is that the vast majority of all interactions are not measured for quality!

A recent Bright Pattern survey discovered that only 13% of companies review every interaction and most just sample a small percentage of interactions. But with AI embedded in your contact center operations, things like sentiment can be automatically and easily noted for every interaction on every single channel for comprehensive passive monitoring of quality assurance. AI with Natural Language Processing (NLP) can measure sentiment for every voice and IVR interaction. AI can also measure sentiment on channels such as web chat, email, text message, and bot interactions. Compound this sentiment detection with keyword searches and screen recordings, it’s clear that AI empowers supervisors to have super-vision to transform remote agents into super agents.

While adoption of this technology has been slow, we predict that in the post-pandemic contact center, AI infused QM will become the norm.

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2021 Customer Experience Trends: The ABCs of the Post Pandemic Contact Center

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