About Brett Ransom

As Business Development Representative at Bright Pattern, my job is to relay the benefits of our cloud-based platform in the contact center industry.

    As the healthcare industry moves past the pandemic, the effects of its rapid shift to digitization linger—and are likely to stay forever. Clients expect healthcare providers to provide seamless digital experiences. Clinics, hospitals, and other caregivers failing to meet new service standards will find themselves losing customers to their competitors in short order.    The […]Continue reading

    Today’s customers expect a quality care experience with no exceptions. Slow response times, unhelpful agents, and other shortcomings will drive clients to competitors prepared to serve them better. But there’s a new form of customer care that’s elevating brands of all sizes to service excellence. It lets companies solve tickets three times faster, with their […]Continue reading

    Voice calls make the bulk of many call center interactions for some businesses, and making the voice call personalized and efficient is important. With CRMs, voice calls can become personalized and will allow call centers to follow the customer journey beyond voice calls. CRMs can also help with quality assurance during voice calls. Here’s how […]Continue reading

    Many companies rely on business process outsourcing, or BPO, providers to help supplement their customer service operations. BPOs can provide great value to the customer experience that your business delivers by helping your business reach out to customers with advanced call center technology. Utilizing a BPO can help your business reduce costs, solve scalability and […]Continue reading

    One of the main reasons for providing great customer service and a great customer experience is to increase the number of sales your business closes. Utilizing effective, advanced call center software is one of the best ways to increase customer satisfaction, which in-turn will increase the amount of sales your business closes. Here are ways […]Continue reading