How CRMs Can Assist Your Voice Calls

Voice calls make the bulk of many call center interactions for some businesses, and making the voice call personalized and efficient is important. With CRMs, voice calls can become personalized and will allow call centers to follow the customer journey beyond voice calls. CRMs can also help with quality assurance during voice calls. Here’s how CRMs can assist your voice calls and improve the customer experience.

Utilize Customer Activity History

With a customer relationship management system, agents can get access to customer activity history during the interaction. When a customer calls in, depending on the platform, agents can get a CRM pop-up that displays the customer’s interaction history with your business.

With the customer interaction history and the agent’s finger tips, agents can deliver faster, more personalized service to customers. Agents can figure out what the issues are faster, or immediately get the context of the call while the caller and agent are interacting. CRM data supports agents by delivering a lot of useful information to their fingertips, and with an integrated CRM, data can be recorded by agents easily so that the next interaction with the customer maintains context. A CRM integration allows agents to access as a single source of data, making it easy for them to deliver great CX.

Bright Pattern for CRM Integration

Improve Resolution Delivery Speed

With CRM integrations into the platform, your call center agents can improve resolution delivery speed, improving the customer experience. CRMs deliver information to your agent’s fingertips, allowing them to gain knowledge of the situation and what the customer needs. From the CRM information, agents can then quickly figure out the issue that the customer is facing and provide the support that the customer needs.

Perform Quality Management Efficiently

Integrating a CRM system means that data from interactions can be easily recorded, and data can be easily accessed. Depending on the platform, interactions beyond voice calls can be monitored. On Bright Pattern, for example, call centers are able to track interactions on all channels with a CRM integration, like voice, email, SMS and text messaging, messenger apps, web chat, and more.

With voice calls, CRMs and accompanying technology built into the platform can help transcribe the interaction. Voice recordings can be made that record the interaction. Accompanying technology, most notably AI, can help analyze sentiment of the voice call and determine whether the caller is satisfied or unsatisfied with the service they are receiving. This data can be recorded into the CRM and accessed by supervisors after the interaction for quality management and quality assurance. Integrating a CRM system into voice calls means that supervisors can more easily manage quality assurance and more accurately assess their agent’s performance, because they get access to vital information and accurate voice call recordings.

Bright Pattern for Omnichannel Interactions

Bright Pattern for Voice

Bright Pattern’s cloud-based omnichannel call center software is one of the most advanced, yet easiest to use on the market. With reliable voice calls that can be extended to other channels and a comprehensive CRM integration, Bright Pattern can personalize voice calls and make resolving interactions over voice calls much faster. Bright Pattern is one of the most advanced, yet easiest-to-use platforms and is one of the best platforms for businesses looking to see fast ROI.

Bright Pattern for Voice
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