How to Get the Most Out of Your Outsourced BPO Provider

Many companies rely on business process outsourcing, or BPO, providers to help supplement their customer service operations. BPOs can provide great value to the customer experience that your business delivers by helping your business reach out to customers with advanced call center technology. Utilizing a BPO can help your business reduce costs, solve scalability and flexibility issues, gain access to talent and knowledge, and accelerate transformation in your business. Here’s how your business can make the most out of outsourcing your call center needs to a BPO.

Evaluate Your Needs

Before you begin outsourcing your call center needs, you first need to evaluate what your business needs out of the call center. This means evaluating your current call center’s performance and how a BPO can help with the issues that come up upon evaluation.

Some indicators that your business will gain high value from outsourcing to a BPO vendor include high call volume, high costs when operating your call center, high call queue times, staffing issues, and scalability issues. If any of these factors are creating issues for your call center, it may be the right time to outsource your call center operations.

Look for the Right Skills

When selecting the right BPO provider, it is imperative to see if the values of the BPO vendor align with your company’s values when delivering customer experience. It’s also important to see how the service provider manages time and tasks.

Some skills to look out for include excellent communication skills, empathy when speaking to irate customers, and comprehensive knowledge of the product and services.

Choose the BPO with Powerful Call Center Technology

Customers today are more mobile and digital than ever. Customers want to be able to connect with your business on channels like messenger apps, text messaging, SMS, mobile apps, and more, on top of traditional channels like voice and email. Customers also want a personalized experience with your business, meaning the call center should have advanced tools like AI-powered agent assistance, powerful self-service options, and comprehensive CRM integrations to help agents personalize the customer experience.

Your business should evaluate BPOs to see if they have the right tools that you need to personalize the customer experience. Tools within the call center platform like CRM integrations, omnichannel capabilities, omnichannel quality management, integrations with best-of-breed AI, and AI-powered self-service and IVR options are necessary for a personalized, modern customer service experience.

Bright Pattern’s Powerful Call Center Software

Bright Pattern’s BPO Call Center Solutions

Bright Pattern’s call center software is the right platform for BPOs looking to deliver a personalized, modern customer experience to their clients. Bright Pattern’s platform is natively-built to be omnichannel and has many of the necessary tools that are needed for a personalized customer experience, including comprehensive CRM integrations, omnichannel quality management, and best-of-breed AI integrations. Bright Pattern is also based on the cloud, meaning the platform is easily scalable for customers of any size, whether your BPO is serving small businesses or large enterprises.

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