Bright Pattern Offers Freedom and Savings with “Bring Your Own Telco” Option

At Bright Pattern, our customers have the option to avoid single telco lock-in by bringing their preferred carrier, grandfathering their existing negotiated telecom contracts, or enjoying our competitive carrier mix. This freedom is rare in the cloud contact center industry, with many major vendors in the industry only working with a single telco and a number of others offering only an internal carrier mix.

Our Bring Your Own Telco (BYOT) option enables customers to establish SIP trunks over the public “Internet” or private MPLS connections. The benefits of the BYOT program include cost savings, flexibility, reliability, and configurability. It is easy to administer through our cloud-based application and gives you full control over telephony—phone numbers, access, and more.

Don’t have a specific telco provider in mind? No worries—we also offer a competitive mix of telco providers aimed to maximize cost savings and business continuity.

Request a demo today to see how we can improve flexibility and reduce costs by letting you bring your own telco provider.

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