Ways to Increase Sales with Your Call Center Software

One of the main reasons for providing great customer service and a great customer experience is to increase the number of sales your business closes. Utilizing effective, advanced call center software is one of the best ways to increase customer satisfaction, which in-turn will increase the amount of sales your business closes. Here are ways you can increase the amount of sales your business closes with advanced call center software.

Upsell and Cross Selling Opportunities

One of the best ways to increase the amount of sales your business closes and the amount of revenue your business generates is through upselling and cross selling opportunities. Upselling is when a seller invites a customer to purchase upgrades, more expensive items, and other add-ons, while cross selling is the practice of selling additional services and products to an existing customer. 

With the right call center software, your agents can be presented with more opportunities for upselling and cross selling. This can be done through call center software like a complete CRM integration. By integrating an advanced CRM, like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, or a natively-built record management system, your agents can easily pull up a customer’s previous interaction history and find opportunities to help resolve their issues or improve their experience through cross-selling or upselling. For example, if your industry is telecommunications, your agents can upsell additional services like a phone service or television service to improve your customer’s experience with your company.

Sales Call Center Software for Upselling and Cross Selling

Fast Post-Call Follow-up

A successfully resolved service call presents opportunities to sell related products and services. Post-call follow-ups can be a valuable opportunity to suggest products and services related to the call. For this reason, having contact center software that allows your agents to either manually send out follow-ups or send automated follow-ups is a great opportunity for your business to increase sales.

Post-call follow-up can be made easy with automated outbound notification capabilities, such as the sending of an email, text message, or voicemail template that includes extra services or products that your customer can purchase. Given that the call was a positive experience for the customer, the customer is more likely to be open to the idea of purchasing other services that can either prevent these issues in the future or make their experiences with the product even more seamless.

These follow-ups have to be made quickly, however, since customers are more likely to be more receptive to follow-ups shortly after a call. For this reason, automation and easy-to-use outbound messaging options are required for increasing sales through post-call follow-up.

Giving Customers a Voice and Appreciation

Customers like to feel like they have options with the businesses they work with, and they also want to feel appreciated by the businesses they value. Expressing appreciation through call center software can be made easy with the automation of outbound messages through channels like text, email, voicemails, and messenger apps. For example, your business can send post-call messages telling the customer about how much their business is valued, which will resonate positively with the customer. These appreciation messages can also help personalize the experience for the customer, leading to stronger customer loyalty, which can lead to an increase in sales through building a loyal customer base.

Aside from displaying appreciation for the customer’s business, your contact center should also give customers an easy outlet to express their voice about your customer service or products. This can be done easily through call center software in the form of outbound surveys after an interaction. These surveys should be easy to fill out and fast. Customers, especially ones that have a negative experience with your customer service, want an outlet to voice their concerns and dissatisfaction. By allowing them to give feedback in a fast, but effective way, your business can get feedback to further improve customer service while customers get the feeling that they have a voice with your business. Allowing customers to deliver feedback in an easy and fast way to your business is a win-win for both your business and the customer.

Quality Assurance on 100% of Interactions on All Channels

Bright Pattern’s Sales Call Center Software

Bright Pattern’s call center software is built with the customer experience in mind, and has the tools your business needs to drive sales and increase revenue. Bright Pattern provides the omnichannel call center platform that your business needs to deliver frictionless CX for customers on all digital channels, like texting, messenger apps, voice, email, and more.

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