How to Get Organized for Deploying a Remote Workforce

  • Along with strategic planning (mentioned in our blog post last week), getting organized is a critical component of any remote workforce deployment. While this may seem obvious on a macro level—formation of teams and managerial hierarchy—the finer details of employee work environments and supplies should be set up for success. Whether a company’s leadership structure is tall or flat, reporting hierarchies should be established well before implementing a remote workforce.

    Great care should be given when determining headcount and ratios of managers to subordinates. Without a physical presence, a manager who was once able to communicate in real-time on a face-to-face basis with his or her team may feel overwhelmed having to respond to a multitude of messages.

    Organization also follows the call center agents into their personal workspace. Some questions to consider: What type of hardware/software will they need? How about other supplies like paper, pens, folders, etc.? What kind of internet connection/phone service do they have? Does their space need to be soundproof or free of visual distractions? Every situation will be unique so one way to assess if things are organized properly is to have the agent take a picture of their workspace with their smartphone and send it to their manager.

    Our customer VIPdesk has put together great resources on remote working in their recent blogs. They are pros when it comes to working remotely with their 100% virtual contact center.

    For other tips and benefits on deploying a remote workforce read our new whitepaper “The Comprehensive Contact Center Guide to Deploying a Remote Workforce”

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The Comprehensive Contact Center Guide for Deploying a Remote Workforce

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