How to Reduce Service Management Risk and Recoup Technology Investments Quickly

With innovation comes the need for a strong return-on-investment and a focused plan to reduce risk. One top priority for CIOs is assurance that investment in new technology and innovation sees a real ROI in a reasonable amount of time. Companies are often looking to keep their technology modern, up-to-date, and effective, and that need is greater than ever in the current global economy and the forces of digital transformation. CIOs play a pivotal role in deciding what technology is practical and worthy, and what is all smoke and mirrors that brings risk into the business.

One of the main factors that drives a CIO’s agenda is the mitigation of risk. Reduction of risk is critical for the future of every IT organization. Risk is everywhere and any new tool, application, source of data, or vendor relationship can carry risk. As a result, these items must be seen as a strategic threat and require caution before proceeding forward.

To reduce risk, CIOs should opt for technologies that are secure with a track record of success in similar organizations. Technology that is proven to be safe, follows industry standards, and can deliver on its promises are good bets for implementation. Industry regulations and compliance are crucial in a sector that manages technology and personal information, and security and risk reduction are top priorities when looking for new technologies and applications.

When a technology is determined to meet the standard for implementation, another issue that must be addressed is return-on-investment. Most emerging technologies can be pricey to implement and risk being useless in the long term portfolio of IT. CIOs must ensure that the new technology being implemented suits the goals of the organization, will boost productivity and efficiency across the entire organization, and will be easily adoptable when changes occur in the future.

Bright Pattern, a leading provider of AI-powered contact center software, is a strong option that provides innovation while ensuring a reliable return on investment. Bright Pattern’s contact center platform allows you to extend your existing service management solution with omnichannel communication capabilities for a fast and proven ROI. Instead of ripping and replacing your existing service management product, Bright Pattern can integrate seamlessly with any service management solution for immediate return-on-investment. Bright Pattern’s powerful technology and best-of-breed AI can deliver fast ROI with it’s automation, integration, and analyst assistance capabilities. According to G2 Crowd, return on investment with Bright Pattern can be seen in as little as 1.6 months. Bright Pattern also has the fastest time to deploy in the industry due to its scalable, flexible omnichannel cloud platform. We have helped companies like Randstad, a multinational employment and recruitment agency, transform their IT service management through automation and AI.

For the full guide on how to turbocharge your IT service management, check out Bright Pattern’s newest ebook “How to Turbocharge Your IT Service Management”.

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How to Turbocharge Your IT Service Management

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