Implement Contact Center AI for Remote Workforces that Provides a Strong ROI

New technology is always being created and adopted, and it is up to service management providers to upgrade and keep businesses up-to-date with the latest technology. Implementing new technology to an existing process can be a risky endeavor. Many CX leaders want to see fast return-on-investment when implementing new technology and failure is not an option.

With AI and bots, there will always be fast ROI due to the nature of how they can streamline the CX process within the contact center. AI and bots can be implemented quickly and help customers immediately, making the customer journey better and the contact center more efficient from the get-go. AI allows remote workforce contact centers to automate routine tasks and basic interactions. This makes the workflow more efficient and customer issues can be resolved in less time. Call spikes and high call volumes can be managed more effectively as well.

Through a combination of AI and data collection, customers can be understood better. Customer needs and moods can be gauged, and appropriate action can be taken. The customer journey is much smoother and agents are empowered, allowing contact centers to be much more productive. AI can improve performance on various metrics and KPIs, and can boost CSAT scores quickly.

Implementing AI is a safe bet when looking for strong, positive ROI. Bright Pattern’s best-of-breed AI can deliver fast ROI with it’s automation, quality assurance, agent assistance, and omnichannel capabilities. According to G2 Crowd, return-on-investment with Bright Pattern can be seen in as little as 1.6 months, which is almost half the industry average of 2.8 months. Bright Pattern also has the fastest time to deploy in the industry due to its scalable, flexible omnichannel cloud platform.

AI that provides strong, quick ROI requires the right platform and technology. Seamless integration of AI that guarantees ROI means having a compatible platform that can handle it. For tips and advice on what the right technology is and how to seamlessly integrate AI into a remote workforce, check out the full “Contact Center AI for Remote Workforces”.

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