Is Contact Center as a Service Right for Your Business?

The contact center is an important part of many businesses and organizations since it is the first point of contact between customers and businesses. This means having advanced contact center technology can give your business or organization an edge by allowing you to provide exceptional customer service on any communication channel. But how are companies getting their contact center platforms? Contact center as a service is one of the most popular ways for contact centers to get the call center solution that they need in the easiest way possible. But what is contact center as a service, or CCaaS, and is it right for your business?

What is Contact Center as a Service?

Contact center as a service, or CCaaS, is a software deployment model that relies on the cloud. Contact center software vendors keep their contact center platform in a data center, and when companies purchase the technology or platform, companies get access to the latest in call center technology through the cloud. This means that businesses of all sizes, from large enterprises to small companies, can get access to the latest in contact center technology with just an internet connection.

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Benefits of Contact Center as a Service

CCaaS technology provides many benefits to businesses and organizations that want the latest in call center technology. The main benefit of moving to a CCaaS model is easy access to advanced contact center functionality for a reasonable price. A CCaaS model removes the need for on-premise hardware, expensive updates to hardware and software, and the need to have an on-staff professional IT staff to maintain that technology. With a simple internet connection, your business can have a fully capable contact center able to provide customer service on all channels.

A CCaaS platform allows companies to pay for only the amount they use and provides high amounts of scalability. For companies with seasonal demands, especially for retail businesses facing holiday rushes, scalability is key to being able to handle higher demands. With a CCaaS platform, agents can be added easily without needing expensive hardware and software overhauls.

Finally, a CCaaS platform promotes the ability for remote work and allows companies to hire agents from anywhere in the world. Since access to contact center technology is only an internet connection away, agents can connect from anywhere in the world into the data center that hosts the cloud contact center platform. This provides huge amounts of flexibility for businesses, especially businesses with operations overseas or businesses with an expansive global reach.

Is Contact Center as a Service Right for Your Business?

Having the contact center on the cloud is perfect for any business that wants access to the latest in call center technology without the expensive costs of upgrading hardware and software as well as expensive investments in buying this technology. With Bright Pattern’s cloud-based call center platform, your business can get access to advanced call center features like comprehensive CRM integrations with any record management system, omnichannel capabilities and communication on any digital channel, AI-powered omnichannel quality management systems, advanced self-service options for customers with sentiment and text analysis, and unified reporting dashboards for supervisors to easily manage quality on 100% of all interactions on all channels. Bright Pattern’s platform is accessible by only an internet connection and allows your business to tailor the customer journey to any use case without the need to overhaul your call center hardware and software.

To see the full list of features that you can get access to with Bright Pattern’s cloud-based call center software.

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