MarketSource Finds Omnichannel Innovation With Bright Pattern

For over 40 years, MarketSource has been partnering with organizations of all sizes to recruit, hire, and manage sales teams. MarketSource can hire highly qualified personnel at a much faster rate, allowing clients to reduce overhead costs all while optimizing sales channels and increasing revenue. It’s a win-win.

One of MarketSource’s core values is the strength of its relationships with partners, clients, and vendors. Fostering deeper connections between people and brands has been a fundamental tenet since 1975. As technology morphed the customer experience into an omnichannel realm, however, MarketSource’s CX platform, inContact, was disjointed and unideal. 

“We had a lot of system interruptions that definitely affected our ability to provide quality services to our clients,” explained Desi Hristova, Business Process Engineer for MarketSource.

Once MarketSource decided to test the waters with various CX platforms, the company quickly realized its software lacked sought-after features like historical records, omnichannel contact tracking, and an advanced telephony user interface. 

“Bright Pattern suggested a custom solution…specifically to fit our needs. That was absolutely huge!” exclaimed Hristova.

Once MarketSource decided to make the transition to Bright Pattern, implementation of Bright Pattern’s contact center software was swift and painless. Charles Leibel, Executive Director of Retail Recruiting, summed it up best: “This is the smoothest transition and the most uneventful implementation that I can recall within the company.”

It’s only been a couple of months since the Bright Pattern platform has gone live, but MarketSource has already seen amazing results. They can now easily build custom reports for different teams, track calls easily, access historical customer data, scale on a per-use basis, and offer service to remote teams. “That was a game-changer for us,” said Hristova.

By switching everyone to Bright Pattern, MarketSource is streamlining the entire workforce and increasing productivity. Additionally, MarketSource plans to integrate Bright Pattern into its Salesforce CRM software and utilize powerful tools like AI chatbots to speed up the recruitment process. 

No matter how MarketSource decides to utilize its new CX platform in the future, Bright Pattern always will be there to help. 

“I cannot say enough good things about Bright Pattern and its customer success team,” Hristova exclaimed.

Read the full case study for more on how Bright Pattern’s omnichannel solution helped MarketSource

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