New Digital Communication Channels and What It Means for Your Service Management Software

In the new digital age, customers are connecting on more channels than ever now. Customers are communicating with each other on channels like messenger apps, texting, SMS, webchat, and more. Furthermore, customers want to connect with the businesses and organizations they love on the channels that they want to use. The need to transform the end-user experience is an important task for many organizations and companies, and many are beginning to see the importance of catering to the new digital audience. 70% of companies either have a digital transformation strategy in place or are working on one according to Forbes Magazine. In the same report, Forbes stated that a third of companies say digital transformation is a matter of survival.

This pressure for digital transformation and adding new channels is felt within the ITSM industry as well. In a recent trend report conducted sponsored by Bright Pattern to research trends in ITSM and ESM channels, it was shown that many leaders in the ITSM industry were interested in adding new channels to help cater to their end-users. In the chart below, we can see that the top 5 channels that ITSM organizations wanted to add were mobile applications, webchat, bots, SMS/text messaging, and self-service.

Almost half of the respondents were interested in mobile applications and webchat, while another 40% were interested in bots and SMS/text messaging. We can see that adding new channels to their ITSM processes was important to help cater to the new digital audience. Furthermore, many leaders in the IT industry were interested in improving the customer experience and employee satisfaction. From the results of the survey in the image below, we can see that almost half of the respondents to the survey listed improving customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction as the top ITSM and ESM initiatives among leaders in the IT industry.

Adding new channels to your ITSM and ESM solution is one of the key strategies to help improve end-user and employee satisfaction within your organization. Furthermore, applying these channels into innovative use cases, like self-service and automation of repetitive tasks, can further improve satisfaction for both end-users and employees.

To be able to add these new digital channels into a seamless experience for the end-user and apply innovative use cases like automation and self-service to them, you need a platform that supports omnichannel. For example, Bright Pattern’s platform is fully omnichannel, meaning end-users and IT analysts are able to switch between channels effortlessly, making the entire journey seamless and frictionless. With Bright Pattern’s intuitive platform, integrating various features like automation and self-service is a breeze as well, unlocking the power of supporting brand new digital channels to improve customer and end-user satisfaction.

To implement the right ITSM framework and ITSM processes in your organization, you need the right ITSM tools for the job. Check out Bright Pattern’s latest ITSM and ESM Trend Report for how you can adapt your IT organization to the demands of 2021.

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