Top 5 Customer Experience Solutions Tools for Contact Centers

The customer experience is one of the most important aspects when running and growing a business or organization. Especially in the new digital age, delivering a great customer experience is more crucial than ever. Delivering exceptional customer service can build strong customer relationships and customer loyalty, leading to bigger opportunities to expand your business through marketing opportunities like word-of-mouth, good reviews, and more. But to deliver great customer experiences, your contact center needs the tools, hardware, and software to do that. Here are the top 5 customer experience solutions tools that your contact center should support to ensure that your call center is future-proof and will continue to deliver great customer experiences in the new digital age.

Built-In Omnichannel Quality Management

Omnichannel quality management allows your supervisors to monitor 100% of interactions on all communication channels. This means your contact center is able to monitor agent and customer interactions in real-time and after the interaction on channels like voice, email, text, SMS, messaging apps, mobile apps, and more. With omnichannel quality management, supervisors and administrators can get a birds-eye view of the contact center to gain better insight for improvement and provide agents with retraining in problem areas.

Monitoring call center performance in real-time is also an important tool for supervisors. By being able to monitor call center performance in real-time, supervisors can intervene when an interaction is detected as having negative sentiment. This interaction can then be routed to a retention specialist while the interaction history is saved for agent retraining. An effective built-in omnichannel quality management system is a crucial customer experience solutions tool for contact centers.

Omnichannel Quality Management

Intelligent and Customizable Self-Service

Self-service is a must for many contact centers looking to provide the best possible customer service. Self-service, especially conversational IVRs that utilize speech analytics to understand the customer, can help lead customers to the right resource faster as well as accurately understand their intent. This means customers can get the support they need without ever needing to speak to a live agent. Your contact center’s self-service tools should also be customizable, allowing you to build out personalized and specific customer journeys and use cases for the most efficient and fast service.

Personalized Self-Service

AI Integration

AI is one of the hottest areas in technology currently, and there are many great applications for AI in the contact center. AI is a great customer experience solutions tool for contact centers looking to improve customer service and automate repetitive tasks. For example, AI can help power functions like agent assistance, sentiment analysis, self-service through conversational IVR, and more. AI can also be implemented on websites in the form of chatbots, allowing the customers to either get to the right resource quickly or be directed to a live agent as quickly as possible if their issue couldn’t be solved. 

Integration with best-of-breed AI, like Google, IBM Watson, and Microsoft AI is one of the best customer experience solutions tools for contact centers.

Powerful AI Integrations

Cloud-Based Platform

Your contact center should have cloud call center software for greater flexibility and to save on high maintenance and upgrade costs that come with an on-premise solution. With cloud-based customer experience solutions tools, your contact center can save on expensive hardware and software costs, as well as get instant access to any new features that are developed to improve the customer experience and adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape.

Cloud-Based Platform

Contact Center Mobile App

    1. Another customer experience solutions tool that your contact center platform should have is the ability to allow agents to work through their mobile phone through a contact center mobile app. With a contact center mobile app, your call center agents can get the power of the contact center in their mobile device, promoting remote work and increasing agent flexibility. With a contact center mobile app, your call center can also pull in experts from outside the contact center to participate in a call. For example, IT analysts, retail store personnel, and field workers can utilize a contact center mobile app to connect with the call center and participate in conversations with a customer, leading to a more personalized customer experience. 

Bright pattern’s contact center mobile app allows agents and subject matter experts from outside the contact center to participate in customer interactions and allows agents and subject matter experts to SMS and voice call customers when needed.

Contact Center Mobile app

How to Get the Top Tools for Customer Experience

With Bright Pattern’s cloud-based call center platform, your business can get access to advanced call center tools like advanced AI integration, omnichannel quality management, cloud-based capabilities, contact center mobile app, and personalized self-service.  Bright Pattern’s platform is accessible by only an internet connection and allows your business to tailor the customer journey to any use case without the need to overhaul your call center hardware and software.

To see the full list of features that you can get access to with Bright Pattern’s cloud-based call center software.

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