Utilize AI for Improved Contact Center Quality Management

In the current global market, companies are more global than ever. Many of the world’s largest companies service millions of people everyday across hundreds of different countries and cultures. Companies with operations that reach globally often have to rely on a remote workforce for customer service.

With a global, remote workforce comes unique challenges that a traditional, on-premise workforce didn’t have to face. One hurdle that a remote workforce needs to overcome is quality management across the globe. A remote workforce can be scattered across the globe with zero face-to-face contact, making the implementation of an effective quality management system with proper training a monumental task for any business. To exacerbate the issue, many companies are adding more digital communication channels to their CX operations, making an almost impossible task even harder.

Luckily, implementing advanced AI can make quality management for a remote workforce easy and manageable. AI allows contact center leaders to manage quality remotely and monitor 100% of all interactions on all channels. Through the use of sentiment and text analysis, a customer’s mood can be gauged and stored. Other information about an interaction, like call recordings and interaction transcripts, are collected and stored as well. Data collected through sentiment and text analysis can then be compiled into an easy-to-use format based on highlighted metrics and KPIs. Other information, like interaction details and recordings, can be used for retraining and quality assurance purposes. This allows 100% of all interactions on all channels to be monitored on a global scale while still being manageable.

An added benefit of AI-powered sentiment and text analytics is through real-time monitoring. Through sentiment and text analytics, the AI can detect if a customer’s mood or the overall interaction turns negative. Customers who are on the verge of leaving can then be automatically routed to a retention specialist. Negative interactions can also generate alerts that can be sent to supervisors so that agents can be retrained and coached.

Through the use of AI, comprehensive quality management can be done on a global scale for any remote workforce. Ensure quality across the globe easily and efficiently.

Global quality management requires the right platform and technology. Seamless integration of AI with quality management means having a compatible platform that can handle it. For tips and advice on what the right technology is and how to seamlessly integrate AI into a remote workforce, check out the full “Contact Center AI for Remote Workforces”.

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