Ways to Optimize Your Contact Center with CCaaS

CCaaS, or contact center as a service, refers to a cloud-based customer experience solution that allows businesses of all sizes to communicate with their customers. A CCaaS platform is usually delivered through the cloud, and allows businesses to purchase only what they need. Utilizing a cloud-based CCaaS platform for your contact center can optimize your CX operations in many ways.

Saving Costs

The main benefits of a cloud-based CCaaS platform is the  reduced costs. A CCaaS platform allows your business to only purchase the technology that is needed, meaning there aren’t any significant costs or risks associated with under-purchasing or over-purchasing.

In the case of a CCaaS platform that’s cloud-based, the cost savings are even easier to realize. With a cloud-based platform, your contact center will have no hardware costs as well as no need for a professional IT support team to support the on-premise technology. Software upgrades and updates are also a breeze on a cloud-based CCaaS platform.


A CCaaS platform is very scalable, able to scale to however many agents your business needs. A CCaaS platform allows businesses to purchase what the business needs, meaning that a CCaaS option is an ideal solution for businesses that have constantly changing operational needs or seasonality. A CCaaS solution provides the flexibility for business to pay for only the technology needed, keeping costs significantly reduced.


With the right vendor, a CCaaS solution is highly customizable to your specific use cases without the need for expensive and time-consuming hardware and software changes. A CCaaS solution is highly customizable by allowing you to choose your features and have the workflow be built to detailed specifications. On Bright Pattern’s platform, the use of open APIs and the drag-and-drop scenario builder allow your supervisors and admins to make changes easily, allowing them to adjust the customer journey and agent workflow easily without the need for professional services.

Powerful Functionality for a Reasonable Price

A CCaaS solution gives your contact center powerful functionality for a pay-per-use price. Despite paying for only what you use, you can get access to powerful, advanced customer experience technology with a CCaaS solution. For example, Bright Pattern’s CCaaS software gives you access to advanced CX technology like integrations with any third-party or natively-built CRM, integrations with best-of-breed AI, powerful outbound dialing capabilities, omnichannel communication capabilities, and voice-powered conversational IVR with natural language processing. All of these advanced contact center features for a pay-per-use price.

To see the full list of features that you can get access to with Bright Pattern’s CCaaS solutions, check out our Call Center Software page.

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