Conduct Conversations Automatically

Utilizing IBM Watson technology, Bright Pattern integrates with artificial intelligence-driven chat bots to automate the way your contact center communicates with customers. Bots can handle frequent tasks—such as replying to customers, collecting data, and recognizing customer needs—so that agents can focus on specialized requests that live people handle best. Chat bots are adept at responding intelligently to customer chats, leading natural-sounding conversations, and knowing when it’s time to connect a customer to a live agent.

Bot Integration Made Simple with Scenarios

Bots are configured for chat services in our Contact Center Administrator application, and the ways that chat bots are used in conversations is specified in scenarios. Constructed in our Scenario Builder application, scenarios are detailed workflows that define the logic of how interactions are processed and automated.

Smart Advice and Assistance for Agents

Cognitive analysis technology helps bots understand what customers are saying and why. Moreover, bots can use their assessments to provide intelligent in-conversation help to agents, such as suggested replies, answers to various questions, and options for service fulfillment. In addition, Natural Language Understanding by IBM Watson is used to recognize customer needs and route interactions to the agents who are the most qualified to handle them. Interaction records for each conversation include sentiment emojis so that supervisors can quickly see the customer’s overall sentiment/emotion at a glance.


  • Intelligent, automated natural-sounding conversations
  • Cognitive analysis technology is used to gather meaningful data from conversations
  • Chat bots perform frequent tasks and route interactions to the correct agents
  • Natural Language Understanding recognizes customer needs and how to meet them
  • Customized use of chat bots for your chat service

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