Review Previous Calls in Their Context

Agents can review previous calls by repeat customers, in the context of the call, which makes them better prepared to understand the needs of the customer who is calling again. During a live call, agents can review a customer’s previous call transcript and reference points of past conversations that may help resolve issues being discussed in the current conversation.

Search Conversations

Speech-to-text transcripts assist managers in easily searching interactions across voice, messaging, and email conversations. What’s more, transcripts are accurate so that there’s no question about what was said during a call. With searchable conversations, agents and supervisors do not have to listen to an entire recorded call in order to find information or review key points of a previous interaction. Agents save time, leaving more time to assist their customers during live calls.

Use Transcripts to Improve Quality Monitoring

Likewise, supervisors who can skim and search the voice call transcripts of agents on their teams can quickly understand the meaning, quality, and purpose of such calls. This capability can improve grading, quality monitoring, and agent/team performance.

Leverage Cognitive Technologies

Cognitive technologies provide insights on customer behavior. When paired with the actual transcript of a call, technologies such as bot integration, machine learning, sentiment analysis, and intelligent assistance can help agents and supervisors learn more about customer satisfaction, agent performance, services, popular subjects of conversation, and areas of improvement for their contact center or business.


  • Understand the meaning of phone calls quickly, in their context
  • Search transcripts across voice, messaging, and email conversations
  • Gain insights on customer behavior
  • Leverage cognitive technologies
  • Improve grading, quality monitoring, and agent/team performance
  • Enhance the customer experience

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