Relate Customer Behavior to Call Center Performance

Integration with IBM Watson’s cognitive search and content analysis engine allows enables call center managers, supervisors, and agents to detect patterns in communication content. Managers can see historical patterns in customer keywords, questions, and sentiments, which provide actionable data that can be used to improve product/service support, customer service, and agent performance. Meanwhile, contact center  supervisors, managers, and agents can see real-time metrics related to their interactions with customers.

Insightful Data

When you know what customers are talking about, your team is better able to track changes of subjects over time. IBM Watson’s cognitive search and content analysis engine scrutinizes your call center’s interactions with a fine-toothed comb, enabling you to have all the data you need, plus the search tools to select and view only the data you want. Communication content is analyzed according to language, sentiment, emotions, frequency of concepts and keywords, and so forth.

Emotional Routing

Our contact center solution uses Natural Language Understanding technology by IBM Watson to improve the way your chat and email interactions are routed to agents. The system detects the customer’s language and sentiment (happy, angry, disgusted, etc.) and automatically routes the chat or email to the agent who is the highest skilled to handle it. After the interaction is complete, the final sentiment (satisfied, unhappy, etc.) is used to trigger a workflow that sends follow-ups to the customer.


  • Use customer keywords and sentiments to track subjects of conversation over time.
  • Analyze content and search data using IBM Watson’s cognitive search and content analysis engine
  • Natural Language Understanding technology automatically detects sentiments
  • Use language and sentiment detection to route interactions to skilled agents
  • Learn about changes in customer behavior through historical reports

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