Advise and Assist Agents

Intelligent assistance for agents can be a lifesaver during times when agents truly have no words. Artificial intelligence (AI) systems come to the rescue with various replies from which to choose. Pair that with the searchable Knowledge Base collection of company-approved responses and templates, and agents have a complete arsenal of appropriate replies for any customer question.

Improve Interaction Quality

Bots bring in-conversation help to directly to the Agent Desktop using IBM Watson cognitive analysis technology, which studies the conversation for sentiments, keywords, and topics. This type of content analysis can help your call center agents learn about what kinds of exchanges make a conversation successful, and which conversations could use more help.

Track and Save Conversations

AI systems can be used to track conversations and provide real-time, pre-fab replies to agents and actionable data to supervisors. Our intelligent assistance tools can help optimize your workforce management, gather important data, and learn more about customer interactions. Voice calls are saved using speech-to-text conversion, and chat transcripts are automatically saved to interaction records and reports.


  • AI systems provide accurate assessments of customer needs, sentiments, and satisfaction
  • Intelligent replies help agents serve customers faster
  • Keyword extraction and deep content analysis by IBM Watson
  • Cognitive analysis indicates customer sentiments during a conversation, giving important queues to agents to respond
  • Voice and chat transcripts provide insights to customer satisfaction and agent performance

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