Key Performance Indicators

Our detailed reports contain key performance indicators for your main contact center resources, such as agents, agent teams, services, and scenarios. Reports capture actionable data for every interaction routed through your contact center, including metrics, statistics, counts, and more.

Searchable Interaction Records

Interaction records store data for voice, email, and chat interactions conducted through your contact center. Searchable by a variety of conditions—including media type, agent, and timeframe—, interaction records provide key insights into the performance and successes of your teams and services. Our all-in-one interaction records searches display all available information in one place in the Contact Center Administrator application.

Save and Share

Reports can be exported (e.g., in CSV format) and shared, providing important reference materials for supervisors and system administrators. You can schedule reports to be periodically exported at dedicated times (e.g., last day of the month, end of quarter, etc.), so you can automate the process of compiling reports. Omnichannel reports are typically used to interpret campaign results, search for interaction records, review associated call recordings and chat transcripts, review and grade call recordings, and review agent email replies.


  • Detailed reports include data for all interactions and associated statistics
  • Supervisors can review data for agents, agent teams, services, and scenarios
  • Interaction records provide insights for voice, email, and chat
  • Search and export reports
  • Schedule periodic export jobs

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