Build Your Own Processing Logic

Our contact center solution allows you to design powerful scenarios that implement processing logic specific to your business needs. Scenarios are constructed and customized in our Scenario Builder application, where scenario blocks are dragged onto a workflow that specifies the data to get, what to do with it, and how to call it. These blocks of information define web service access, database access, skills-based omnichannel routing of interactions, recording, quality management, performance reports, and more.

All Services and Channels Automated

The automated processing of services, communications channels, and post-interaction workflows enables customers and agents to connect using any medium—voice call, SMS/text, web chat, email, messenger, etc.—and switch between channels on the fly. Data across all communications channels is shared, ensuring that all interactions for a case travel together and create a running activity history of all types of interactions.

Shared Communication and Data Access

Our data access integrations allow you to create objects in your customer relationship management (CRM) database (such as Salesforce or Zendesk), screen-pop CRM data or other information to the agent’s desktop, search data, and update properties of specific objects. Object properties are easily configured in scenarios, specified in JSON format using variables.


  • Automate services across all channels of communication
  • Easily construct complex scenarios with drag-and-drop Scenario Builder
  • Communicate on any channel, with the ability to switch between channels
  • Access CRM data to create objects, screen-pop data to agents, and more
  • Share data across all channels, from voice and chat to email and SMS

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