Improve Interaction Quality

Our automated quality management features help quality management coaches to select conversations requiring attention. Using keyword extraction and deep content analysis by IBM Watson, supervisors can gain deep insights on how agents work and interact with customers.

Insightful Content Analysis

Supervisors can revisit any interaction and analyze its contents in order to help improve agent and team performance. Content analysis gives call center supervisors the ability to zoom in and out on challenging interactions, helping them to understand what’s wrong and how to fix it.

Easily Search Both Digital Messages and Calls

Chat, voice call, and email conversations are recorded and transcribed, searchable at any time. Full text, keywords, and sentiment discriminator searches are enabled by IBM Watson’s audio voice-to-written-text converter. What’s more, call recordings are saved and accessed easily from interaction records.


  • Content analysis and keyword extraction by IBM Watson
  • Quality management tools help supervisors track and improve agent/team performance
  • Full text, keywords, and sentiment discriminator searches enabled by IBM Watson’s audio voice-to-written-text converter
  • Interaction records save call recordings, chat transcripts, and interaction history
  • Search all conversations

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