Meaningful Metrics

Our enhanced cloud Agent Desktop application gives supervisors at-a-glance information that they can actually use. Supervisors interact with their Agent Desktop dashboards, wallboards, and informational widgets by selecting the data they want to see, and by filtering and sorting it until the presented data becomes actionable. Real-time metrics provide constant insights for everything that supervisors are assigned to handle, from agent performance and the number of interactions being handled to how many customers are waiting in the queue.

Access Data Now and Later

On the Agent Desktop, supervisors can quickly view real-time metrics about their assigned service queues, campaigns, teams, and agents. Metrics are constantly refreshed. The same data is saved to historical reports, which may be searched, sorted, and exported at any time by supervisors and system administrators via interaction records.

Customize Your View

If given the privilege to edit such views, supervisors may customize the display of information on dashboards and wallboards. Privileged users can create unique wallboards with specific statistics, news, messages, and so forth, and they can push their wallboards to a global pool for members of their teams to pull. The ability to edit data displays helps keep the agents on a team in sync.


  • Agent Desktop dashboards and wallboards updated in real time
  • Actionable data saved in historical reports
  • Metrics show performance of assigned service queues, campaigns, teams, and agents
  • Privileged supervisors can edit and customize wallboard/dashboard views
  • Push and pull global wallboards

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