No More Waiting on Hold

During peak call volumes, callers have the option to hang up and receive a callback when an agent becomes available, in the same order that the original call was received. This option is driven by virtual queuing technology. If virtual queuing is selected, customers can keep their place in the queue (i.e., in “line) without having to stay on the phone.

Fewer Abandoned Calls

Customers are more likely to hang up during long wait times, so why make them wait at all? To prevent call abandonment and overall customer dissatisfaction, it is good practice to offer callbacks during periods of excessive estimated waiting times (EWT). Our virtual queuing solution provides an effective way to offer callbacks once the EWT exceeds a preset threshold (e.g., 10 minutes).

More Ways to Connect With Mobile Customers

Useful beyond voice calls, virtual queuing gives customers the chance to receive callbacks, SMS/text alerts, and social messenger alerts on their mobile phones. Customers who contact your company via a mobile app can go about their business and get alerted when the next agent is available.


  • Save your place “in line” in the queue
  • Provide a callback when the next agent is ready
  • Reduce call abandonment
  • Lower call center costs
  • Use shorter wait times to boost customer happiness
  • Connect with mobile customers

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Why Wait?

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