What’s on Your Wall

Wallboards display real-time stats, metrics, and other data for agents, teams, and supervisors in your contact center. While logged into the Agent Desktop, users can work multiple interactions while flipping back and forth between conversations and wallboards. Users can, for example, quickly see how many customers are waiting in the queue, which agents on the team are busy, and who’s ahead of them to accept a call.

Share Custom Wallboards

Our unified Agent Desktop application shows wallboards in either Edit or Display modes. Privileged agents and supervisors may edit a wallboard’s layout with specific widgets, data, message feeds, and more. In addition, privileged users can share their custom wallboards globally within their contact center, so everyone on the team can enjoy the view.

Control the Look of Data

In our Wallboard Builder application, it’s easy to customize the look, display, and style of your wallboards. Cards and cells can be added, deleted, scaled, and expanded using mouseovers, click-and-drag, and drag-and-drop movements. You can define which statistics, metrics, messages, and alerts will be shown on those cards and cells.


  • Agent Desktop dashboards and wallboards updated in real time
  • Actionable data saved in historical reports
  • Metrics show performance of assigned service queues, campaigns, teams, and agents
  • Privileged supervisors can edit and customize wallboard/dashboard views
  • Push and pull global wallboards

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