Predictive Dialer

Bright Pattern is the number one rated sales dialer by Trust Radius for 2022 and 2023.

Reach Out to Clients on All Channels with Predictive Dialer

Bright Pattern’s auto dialer and predictive dialer allows call centers to make outbound calls to phone numbers in an efficient, streamlined manner. Utilizing powerful AI, Bright Pattern auto dialer software offers a number of dialing options to choose from, including predictive dialer, progressive dialer, preview dialer, and automatic interactive voice response (IVR) modes. Utilize the latest auto dialer software to boost customer satisfaction and agent productivity in your outbound call center, reduce the amount of time spent on manual dialing and cold calling, and increase the number of live connections between live agents and recipients to dramatically improve sales and support results. Bright Pattern’s autodialer is award-winning, consistently outperforming auto dialers from other top CCaaS software vendors. Bright Pattern’s power dialer and auto dialer system was ranked as the best by Gartner in the 2020 SoftwareAdvice FrontRunner Quadrant, Capterra, and GetApp online review sites.

Add SMS Campaigns to Your Outbound Call Center

In addition to combining Bright Pattern’s auto dialer software with your phone system for your outbound call center solution, you can also utilize SMS campaigns for notifications and appointment reminders, customer outreach, fundraising, debt collection, market research, marketing automation, and more contact center outbound services. Bright Pattern SMS and text message campaigns offer location detection and multimedia messaging service so customers can effortlessly share data, images, and more with your sales reps and support teams. Research shows that 83% of all texts are read in less than 30 minutes, so ensure that messages from your live agents will always be read by your clients.

Increase ROI on Outbound Campaigns and Sales Calls with AI

Powered by AI and algorithms, Bright Pattern’s dialer software and auto dialer system dials telephone numbers rapidly, allowing you to increase call volume, conduct simultaneous calls, and move to the next call quickly. Connect call center agents with live calls, ensure available agents are able to pick up, and go through a contact list or a list of telephone numbers with little downtime and idle time. Automate key features and functionality, and limit unanswered calls and busy lines while meeting key call metrics. When a missed caller or person dials back, use AI-powered automatic call distribution (ACD) features to connect them to a live person or available agent. Connect your phone system and VOIP, and boost the performance of your call center reps, telemarketers, sales teams, support teams, and outbound sales teams, and improve lead management.

Personalize and Prioritize for Better Customer Satisfaction

Customize sales calls and customer service campaigns to make the dialing process personalized. Through powerful customer relationship management (CRM) tools, give representatives in the call center accurate information based on Caller ID to personalize live conversations. Provide access to insight from the registry and CRM like call records, progress in the sales process, and customer analytics. If a customer does not pick up, leave personalized recorded messages, audio messages, voice messages, and voicemails on their answering machine. Personalize outbound interactions with CRMs while increasing the number of outbound calls that live agents can make with advanced predictive dialers and auto dialers.

Compliant with Government Regulation

Bright Pattern auto dialer and predictive dialer solution adheres to all regulations, including TCPA, PCI, GDPR, and the FCC DNC list. Our auto dialer system and predictive dialer capabilities ensures that your customer service team and sales agents are following regulations while maintaining high agent performance. Go through multiple lists of contacts and phone numbers using the auto dialer with confidence. Process personal information, like credit cards and addresses, safely with our PCI compliant environment.

Bright Pattern Predictive Dialer Software Features

No Downtime

Based on the cloud and powered by active-active architecture. Get access to powerful contact center software and advanced predictive dialer and auto dialer capabilities to optimize your dialing process.

Advanced Call Routing

Our phone dialers, predictive dialer, power dialer, preview dialer, and call center software ensures customers that call back are routed to the correct agent.

High Accuracy Based on Algorithms and Metrics

Utilize advanced statistical algorithms and metrics to increase dialing rate. Preview and dial contact lists while bypassing busy signals and wrong numbers.

CRM Integrations

Get representatives in your outbound call center access to info in real time, increasing efficiency and personalizing customer support and sales outreach when using a dialer.

Scenario Builder

Tailor the customer experience and dialing process with our effortless drag-and-drop customer journey builder and open API tools. Contact center solution is perfect for businesses of any size, from large call centers to small businesses to startups.

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Personalized Outbound Campaigns on an Omnichannel Software Solution

Make manual dialing a thing of the past with a fully capable predictive dialer. Connect with clients through a predictive dialer and automatic dialers with auto dialing modalities, including progressive dialing, preview dialing, and predictive dialing. Increase the number of outbound calls greatly, dial numbers faster, and get live agents connected to more people. Bright Pattern’s autodialer is one of the best, ranked as the top by Gartner in the 2020 SoftwareAdvice FrontRunner Quadrant. Utilize the best auto dialer software on the market, and make every interaction personalized for higher ROI and customer engagement.

Add SMS to your Outbound Strategies

Don't limit yourself to only phone lines, phone calls, phone systems! Use SMS campaigns as part of your predictive dialing systems to improve your outbound activities. Whether you’re running an outbound sales campaign or a political campaign, you can reach a bigger audience faster through SMS and text messaging.

CRM Integrations

Connect with any major CRM software, like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Zendesk, NICE inContact, Oracle Service Cloud, and more. Increase conversion through personalized outbound calls and inbound calls. Increase lead generation and optimize representative experience in your call center by integrating workflow automation with predictive dialer.

Quality Management on Any Channel

Ensure the efficiency of outbound campaigns and better customer engagement in your outreach with omnichannel quality management. Allow supervisors to easily monitor any interaction on any channel, no matter how high the number of calls is. Supervisors can access call recordings of reps and intercept live calls during negative customer interactions with a live agent. Get complete control to ensure high quality interactions and high KPIs.

Powerful Integrations


Additional Bright Pattern Features

Frequently Asked Questions

Bright Pattern’s cloud call center solution utilizes the power of our cloud and cloud technology to power your customer experience. All call center technology and office technology needed to build strong customer relationships and a seamless customer experience are accessible through cloud call center software. This means a cloud call center solution can allow your outbound call center or inbound call center to handle incoming calls and outbound calls, while being able to use other channels of communication, with more cost-effectiveness compared to legacy systems. Make the overall cloud contact center experience better for call center reps, callers, and supervisors.

A cloud call center solution and cloud contact center software can give your contact center access to powerful technology. This includes powerful IVRs, autodialer, predictive dialing capabilities, and communications on all channels like voice, SMS, social media, chatbot, text, mobile applications. Power a full customer experience with customizable features through just a browser.

Bright Pattern’s call center software is designed with flexibility in mind. Bright Pattern’s call center software has a lot of features and can be customized, support customer integrations, support integration with workforce management tools, and a customizable interface with open APIs. Deployment is also a breeze since Bright Pattern is based on the cloud instead of relying on premise hardware, giving you many deployment options while allowing you to support a remote workforce with unlimited agents and remote workers. Bright Pattern can help you deliver a better customer experience, whether you’re an outbound call center, an inbound call center, a help desk, or a sales team.

Every industry has different needs for their call center solution. Bright Pattern supports a wide variety of use cases, able to power things like outbound campaigns, marketing campaigns, incoming calls, outgoing calls. With the scenario builder, Bright Pattern’s software solution can utilize custom integrations to tailor the software to any size and any purpose, whether your contact center specializes in inbound customer service, outbound sales, or both. Our professional consultants can assist you in creating the most efficient, effective software solution to fit your needs. Or you can easily create and change your software solution yourself, giving your call center flexibility and increasing efficiency.

Whether your industry is in healthcare, high-tech, insurance, or any other industry, Bright Pattern’s dynamic Scenario Builder can be tailored by you or our professional consultants to best fit your needs.

Bright Pattern provides the tools for seamless outbound and inbound communication. Connect with callers on any communication channels in your call center for a great customer experience. Utilize channels like phone calls, video, SMS, text messaging, mobile app, mobile device, live chat, social media, and social channels to connect with callers and customers. Omnichannel interactions allow customers to connect on the channel of their choice, boosting customer satisfaction and agent productivity, creating a custom experience, and helping you exceed customer expectations. Bright Pattern also lets you bring your telco provider of choice, making the transition to our cloud platform easy and effortless. Empower your agents and realize great business results with better business tools and AI-powered cloud solutions in your call center software.

Bright Pattern is also easy-to-use. Bright Pattern is dedicated to making call center software easy-to-use, while being dynamic and powerful. Bright Pattern’s call center software solutions provides a powerful Unified Agent Desktop with customizable APIs so that the best agents can have an easy time navigating during a live call. Through the Unified Agent Desktop, agents can change the conversation between different channels to the channel of choice with the caller, like voice, phone system, email, text, SMS, social media, mobile app, chatbot, video chat, and more, without having to switch out of Bright Pattern’s platform. This makes the agent experience seamless. With CRM system integrations like Salesforce and MS Dynamics, customer’s history and call activity are at the agent’s finger tips, making it easy for agents to perform their functions.

Finally, Bright Pattern is easy-to-administrate. On the management side, Bright Pattern’s call center solution allows easy and flexible administration for supervisors leading a sales team, support team, customer support team, or customer experience team. Utilize tools like IVR, ACD, and predictive dialers to streamline the calling process, reduce repetitive tasks, and guide callers to the right agent. Bright Pattern supports integrations with major Workforce Management (WFM) tech, promoting workforce optimization for the best call center. Bright Pattern also features a natively embedded quality management system that monitors 100% of all interactions on all channels. With OmniQM technology, utilize call analytics and automation to display contact center information on the dashboard. Allow supervisors to utilize analytics and dashboard information from a user-friendly interface to ensure smooth contact center operations. Whether you manage enterprise companies or small businesses, Bright Pattern’s platform is the best call center software to be custom tailored for your industry.

Bright Pattern has built-in quality assurance to help supervisors track agent performance. Allow supervisors to track agent performance in their cloud contact center. Utilize easy-to-use dashboards with customizable features and automation to monitor all channels of communication and track specific KPIs. Bright Pattern’s platform has omnichannel support, meaning your supervisors can score interactions on all channels to ensure a great customer experience and increase customer engagement. Allow your supervisors to retrain agents and give accurate agent scorecards With the OmniQM agent management software, tailor the software to specific needs for your business, and ensure best practices are being followed.

Bright Pattern’s sentiment analytics technology also allows for real-time monitoring, meaning calls with negative sentiment can be directed to a retention specialist at a moment’s notice. Receive alerts about low sentiment interactions, retain and store information about negative interactions, and retrain agents effectively while identifying pain points in the customer journey.

Bright Pattern’s call center software is fully HIPAA compliant, PCI DSS 3.2 compliant, TCPA compliant, and GDPR compliant.

Bright Pattern’s cloud-based omnichannel call center software adheres to all HIPAA compliance regulations to ensure that call centers are providing a great customer experience while maintaining compliance to HIPAA laws.

Bright Pattern’s software adheres to all PCI standards in order to protect customer’s sensitive payment card information. Bright Pattern has received an independent third-party PCI DSS 3.2 compliance certification from CompliancePoint.

Bright Pattern is fully compliant with GDPR regulation and has many systems in place to support GDPR compliance. Any interaction is capable of being erased and sensitive data is capable of being restricted to users with special security administration privileges.

Bright Pattern is compliant with TCPA regulations. Bright Pattern has a separate server for dialing that removes automated dialing capabilities. We integrate with third-party services that check against Do Not Call lists in accordance with TCPA laws and FCC regulations.

Bright Pattern’s sophisticated IVR can be customized with specific workflows to match any use cases and queries that are requested of it. With legacy contact center technology, self-service can be slow and troublesome. The pain of your system can be felt by customers, leading to a negative customer experience for the caller.

With Bright Pattern’s customizable call center systems and IVR, callers can be led through effortless self-service, powered by natural language processing, AI, and machine learning. Utilize technology like AI and machine learning to send customers with queries through an effortless virtual call center with an auto-attendant. Bright Pattern’s IVR business systems and call center systems can also perform call routing with the auto-attendant when the caller wants to speak with a live agent. Leverage a combination of AI, machine learning, call routing with the phone system, and a powerful cloud contact center platform to beat the competitors in self-service. Get live prospects through the CX journey faster, reduce hold time, and leverage virtual call center software for an effortless customer experience with an auto-attendant.

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