Retail Call Center Software

Increase ROI with Personalized Omnichannel Customer Communications

Engage with Shoppers over Digital Channels and Exceed Customer Expectations in the Cloud

Shoppers demand a higher level of customer service and assistance than ever before, and they aren’t afraid to switch to a different company at the first sign of poor support. With the increase of social media usage, customers are also more likely to post about negative interactions on the Web, damaging brand reputation. Give your customers the omnichannel support they expect with Bright Pattern Contact Center.

Our cloud offering provides you with all digital channels in an easy-to-use Agent Desktop with unlimited scalability. Scale up and down during seasonal shopping and pay for only the concurrent agent seats you use, month to month!


Omnichannel Cloud Call Center Software for Retail

Retail is a competitive industry where customers have numerous options. Customers expect a personalized experience that maintains context across all channels of communication. Retailers are differentiating themselves by providing better customer experience with omnichannel capabilities. Allow your customers to connect with you on the channel of their choice: phone, chat, email, text, video, in-app, or social messengers.


Proactive Communications

Proactively communicate with customers to decrease cart abandonment and increase customer satisfaction ratings. Communicate via text and digital channels about bills, delivery times, and more. Utilize omnichannel throughout the entire customer journey.

Empower Your Associate and Create Upsell Opportunities

Consolidating customer data, communication tools, and easy-to-access information into a single desktop is critical in servicing your customers. Bright Pattern’s powerful and streamlined Agent Desktop puts actionable customer data and knowledge at your agents’ fingertips so they can solve customer problems, not hunt for information. By bringing all customer data to a single screen, agents are empowered to personalize each interaction and create more upsell opportunities.

Deliver a Personalized Customer Experience

Whether providing sales assistance or support to a customer, Bright Pattern provides advanced tools to meet all your customer needs. For support, agents can see records, such as buying history or past conversations across various communication channels, and they can also tailor their conversation to meet the specific needs of a particular customer. For sales, agents are able to offer a chat or a recommendation to assist in the buying cycle. What’s more, advanced callback and survey capabilities ensure the highest customer satisfaction.

Maintain PCI Compliance

Retail requires higher levels of security and compliance to protect all customer data and avoid litigation. It is important to have special security standards in place to prohibit agents from viewing sensitive payment card information and to protect customer cardholder data from outside sources. Bright Pattern is PCI DSS 3.2 compliant and has received an independent third-party compliance certification from CompliancePoint. CompliancePoint is a skilled team of contact center compliance consultants with a successful history of consulting and auditing Fortune 500 firms and global industry leaders.

Cross-Departmental Success

Make cross-departmental operations a breeze with omnichannel cloud customer support that unifies all retail departments. A cloud solution gives retailers the ability to have all customer-facing departments participating in customer service on a single platform. Sales teams can proactively chat with customers during the sales process. The shipping department can use the same technology to communicate with customers about shipping logistics and returns.

Integration Ecosystem and Out-of-the-Box CRM Integrations

Increase agent productivity with integrated UI, click-to-call, screen pop, and activity history, automatically saved with each ticket. Bright Pattern has out-of-the-box integrations with top CRM providers, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk, Oracle Service Cloud, and ServiceNow.

Why Wait?

We are happy to answer questions, discuss specific workflows and requirements on a live presentation online, describe core benefits, or set up a pilot project to trial our applications without paying any license fees. Let Bright Pattern’s cloud contact center solution help you change the pattern of customer service