Can you make good money at a call center?

How Much Do Call Center Jobs Pay?

Can you make good money at a call center

Call Center Jobs To Consider

If you’re thinking about a job in a call center then you’ll be able to explore the many opportunities in different areas. Call centers have employees who are employed in sales, data customer service, and management. If you know the possibilities for career opportunities in call centers and how to prepare yourself for a successful search for your dream job. Can you make good money at a call center? and what amount does an employee of a Call Center make?

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Is it possible to earn well working in a call center

Can you make good money at a call center?

Can you make good money at a call center? A career in call centers may offer opportunities for professional growth. The average wage for a representative in a call center is $32,327 a year. There are opportunities for advancement and specialization could result in higher salaries. Entry-level positions typically focus on customer service. higher-level positions could include supervising other employees or working in sales.

How much does a Call Center make?

As of Sep 21, 2023, the average hourly pay for the Call Center jobs category in the United States is $17.72 an hour.

While seeing hourly wages as high as $25.96 and as low as $10.34, the majority of wages within the Call Center jobs category currently range between $15.38 (25th percentile) to $19.23 (75th percentile) across the United States. The average pay range for a Call Center job varies greatly (by as much as $3.85), which suggests there may be many opportunities for advancement and increased pay based on skill level, location and years of experience.

Based on recent job posting activity, the Call Center job market in both Mandaue City, PH and throughout the entire state is not very active as few companies are currently hiring. People working within the Call Center category in your area are making on average $18 per hour, or $0.19 (10.691%) more than the national average hourly salary of $17.72. ranks number 1 out of 50 states nationwide for Call Center job salaries.

High-paying call center jobs

  • There are many job titles that are available to people looking to work in the call center.
  • The pay for workers in call centers can reach $275,000 annually based on experience and the position you are in although the average salary ranges between $25,000 and $50,000.
  • Call centers are found across a range of sectors and industries, and are found in all 50 states.

While being employed in a call center may seem simple but there are numerous opportunities to experience different things when working in this type of setting. From being an agent working in a customer-facing position to supervising other agents and team members in the call center and earning money working in the call center are nearly infinite.

If you’re looking for working in this area take a look at some of the most lucrative jobs as well as the benefits they offer.

High-paying call center jobs
  1. Data entry clerk 
    National average salary: $35,450 per year 

    Primary duties: A data entry clerk typically is responsible for obtaining new information about those that the call center may contact. A business that uses a call center’s marketing services could receive information from a variety of different sources, such as traditional media like mass mailers. In certain instances the company employs a data entry clerk in order to add non-digital information to the system.


  2. Collections specialist
    National average salary: $35,558 per year

    Primary duties: The primary duties of a collection specialist is employed by an organization that is seeking payment for outstanding debts. The specialist operates on an email list and contacts those with outstanding debt. A collections professional may give the debtor the chance for settling the loan at an amount that is lower or agreed upon.


  3. Call taker 
    National average salary: $37,759 per year

    Primary duties: A call taker works in an office as the first contact. The caller may enter basic data into the call system of the company and then forward the call to another. The caller acts as an operator, directing and filtering calls, and streamlining the amount of data the representative of the call center needs to know.


  4. Remote patient representative
    National average salary: $38,355 per year

    Primary duties: The primary function of a remote patient representative is specifically working within the healthcare sector. The representative is based at the comfort of their home, assisting patients in the health system. The representative could aid a patient with the insurance system, resolving billing problems and applying for government assistance.


  5. Recruiting coordinator  
    National average salary: $41,228 per year

    Primary duties: The primary responsibilities of a recruiter focuses on securing new employees. The recruiter may create ads for jobs and contact prospective candidates. During the process of hiring, the coordinator conducts interviews with candidates. The recruiter may also work with the managers of the company to help them meet their requirements for staff.


  6. Data processor  
    National average salary: $42,094 per year

    Primary duties: Data processor processes the information an answering service receives from prospective customers and clients. The data processor may keep records of completed contracts, or maintain and update information regarding clients. For instance when a representative finishes the call and then files details about the status of a client the processor of data makes sure that the information is stored and categorizes it.


  7. Call center supervisor 
    National average salary: $43,098 per year

    Primary duties: A supervisor of a call center could be employed by a company that has several call centers. The supervisor supervises team leaders who could perform different roles within the organization. For instance the team leader could be responsible for outbound sales calls, whereas another team leader oversees the group of customer service reps. The call center supervisor collaborates alongside the team leads in a cross-functional way.


  8. Receptionist 
    National average salary: $43,382 per year

    Primary duties: The primary duties of a receptionist are: is employed as a support role in a call center. The receptionist may greet customers who come to the call center, and meet their requirements. The receptionist could also set appointments, record papers, record hours or redirect calls to the appropriate person.


  9. Call center team lead 
    National average salary: $43,578  per year 

    Primary duties: A team leader for a call center is a frontline manager of the company. The team leader implements policies about employee performance and the goals established by the upper management. In this role, a person oversees a group of call representatives, who sometimes take calls for themselves. The leader may step in to take a phone call in the event that a representative fails to address the needs of a client.


  10. Technical support specialist 
    National average salary: $49,721 per year 

    Primary duties: A technical support specialist is responsible for the operating system and software in the call center. Support specialists may implement and update software that is related to the handling of calls as well as show information to the call center representatives. The support specialist may also work with the company’s online presence or internal operational systems.


  11. Consultant 
    National average salary: $50,019 per year

    Primary duties: The primary responsibilities of a consultant are that he is an independent worker and is hired by business consultants to evaluate the effectiveness of their processes and provide suggestions. For instance an office might employ a consultant to assess the processes used by the company for handling calls from outside and make suggestions for improvement. The consultant could look at the company’s call inbound computer routing system as well as how the operators handle calls and provide suggestions for improvements.


  12. Customer service representative 
    National average salary: $50,322 per year

    Primary duties: The customer service representative responds to calls from customers with questions or concerns. The customer service representative may be following a particular script to address issues that typically arise in the calls. For instance, a rep may have a walkthrough of an application function that the company has been receiving calls regarding the program. Sometimes, a representative will accept inquiries from prospective customers and then take orders.


  13. Senior call center manager 
    National average salary: $55,626 per year

    Primary duties: The primary responsibilities of a senior manager at the call center holds the position of supervisor in the center. The call center manager at the top oversees the representatives who receive and make phone calls. The manager of the senior call center could hold a position of leadership in the call center alongside other team leaders or managers. In certain organizations the manager at the top may be able to make calls, and also collaborate directly with other call center representatives.


  14. Sales specialist 
    National average salary:  $57,838 per year

    Primary duties: The primary responsibilities of a sales professional focuses primarily on selling over the phone. The sales specialist may work from an automated list of calls and make sales pitches to potential customers. The expert may work from an already-written script that focuses on specific elements of the item.


  15. Customer engagement manager 
    National average salary: $58,713 per year

    Primary duties:  A customer engagement manager is responsible for helping increase interaction between users of websites. The manager could oversee different certain aspects related to engagement like live chat on a website, which lets staff members answer questions and assist users. The manager may supervise employees who engage in electronic chat with users.


  16. Call center operations 
    National average salary: $59,949 per year

    Primary duties: Operations managers oversee the operations for the operation of the center. The operations manager may lead the IT department, and also provide the tools and resources that call center employees require to perform their work. The operations manager usually is in close contact with the human resource department in hiring new employees as well as monitoring employee performance.


  17. Contact administrator 
    National average salary: $62,409 per year

    Primary duties: The contract administrator is responsible for dealing with sales contracts that the company creates. Administrators may review contracts written by salespeople or call center representatives. In certain situations an administrator could perform a legal review of a contract in order to make sure that salespersons have all the necessary details.


  18. Business development representative 
    National average salary: $63,531 per year

    Primary duties: The primary responsibilities of a business development rep works to increase the business interests of a company. The representative is in search of big clients for the business as well as identifying potential clients and then contacting them. They can also help in the development of new products in response to customer needs or market studies. Sometimes, the representative helps grow the business into an additional market.


  19. IT specialist 
    National average salary: $67,478 per year

    Primary duties:  An IT specialist assists with the computer system of the call center. The specialist aids employees when they have issues with their computer system or computers. The specialist usually provides employees with the tools they require to complete their job, for example headsets or computers. If a worker has equipment that’s no longer functioning the specialist fixes or replaces the item.


  20. Quality assurance manager 
    National average salary: $74,350 per year

    Primary duties: A Quality assurance manager assesses the customer experience at the company. The manager is able to monitor the extent to which the company is following its guidelines regarding customers and follow-up when the company gets negative feedback from a customer. The assurance manager may collaborate with other managers in the process of evaluating employees.


  21. Customer quality engineer 
    National average salary: $77,665 per year

    Primary duties: A quality engineer will ensure that visitors to the website enjoy a pleasant experience. The quality engineer could develop capabilities to improve responsiveness. This could include a ticket for customer service and tracking system that makes sure customer queries or issues get a prompt response time-sensitive manner.


  22. Outbound sales representative 
    National average salary: $79,262 per year

    Primary duties: An outbound sales representative calls to prospective customers. The sales rep may use an internal call list of the company, and may have a set of instructions they must adhere to when making calls. The salary of a representative is often determined by the number of successful sales they can make or the number of calls they take throughout the day.


  23. Director of customer service 
    National average salary: $86,260 per year

    Primary duties: Director for customer support overseas employees who work in a call center, taking calls from customers. The director’s duties could vary according to the industry that they are working in. A majority of businesses have an office for customer service that responds to concerns or questions from customers. The director may offer advice and feedback to the customer service reps or take customer service calls themselves, and occasionally observe how employees perform when they are on the phone.


  24. Database administrator
    National average salary: $86,835 per year

    Primary duties: A database administrator manages the company’s digital information. The administrator’s duties include security, access, and organisation. The administrator could utilize a cloud-based storage system to make sure that all systems are compatible within the organization.


  25. Human resources director 
    National average salary: $91,011 per year

    Primary duties: The primary responsibilities of a Human resources director oversees the selection and evaluating of employees. The director creates policies for the organization related to benefits, and responds to concerns and questions from employees. The director could assist in the promotion of new employees and also conduct interviews for screening.


  26. Call center regional vice president 
    National average salary: $126,325 per year

    Primary duties: Call center regional vice president plays an important leadership role for the company. The vice-president may oversee the mid-level management team, for example leaders. The vice president is able to establish the policies of the company and assess the team’s members on whether they achieve their objectives. The vice-president could also take other actions including setting the level of staffing and formulating the budget.

What are Top 5 Best Paying Related Call Center Jobs in the U.S.

We discovered at least five positions related to this Call Center job category that pay more annually than the normal Call Center salary. Examples of these positions include the Senior Call Center Manager and Call Center Engineer and Director of Call Center.

In addition, these positions pay between $25,022 (67.9 percent) to $75,735 (205.5 percent) above the average Call Center salary of $36,853. If you’re a qualified candidate, being accepted for one of these Call Center jobs may help you earn more than the typical Call Center position.

Job Title Annual Salary Monthly Pay Weekly Pay Hourly Wage

Senior Call Center Manager





Call Center Engineer





Call Center Director





Call Center Evaluator





Medical Information Call Center





Frequently Asked Questions

The most lucrative call center jobs are typically director of call centers or director of the contact center. The position is accountable for the management and operation for the center. Director of the call center is responsible for setting the goals in the development and implementation of policies and procedures, directing staff and monitoring the quality of service provided to customers.


If a job in a call center is worth the effort is dependent on many aspects, such as personal preference, goals for career and the particular function of the call center that is being considered.

Yes, you can build an income in the call center. There are numerous possibilities for advancement within call centers. And with determination and perseverance you could move to management or supervisory roles. Indeed, a lot of directors and managers of call centers started as representatives for call centers.


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