Junior Product Manager, Omnichannel Cloud Communications Platform

Bright Pattern makes software that helps businesses communicate with their customers in a more enjoyable and efficient way over phone, SMS, email, web chat, video and a number of messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger. We help businesses to organize work, automate frequent responses and stay in context of the customer inquiries from contact to contact, irrespective of the contact channel.

Our software is provided over the Internet as a service. We handle millions of our customers’ conversations every month, so the individual impact of each of our employees’ contributions is huge.

As a Product Manager your goal will be to define software products that address customer business needs in a most effective and efficient way.

Your duties would include:

  • Capturing customer use cases
  • Analysing market environment
  • Knowing our software in a way to be able to demo any feature at any time and explain why it is needed
  • Understanding our software implementation and partner APIs enough to design viable solutions
  • Define solutions so they are easily understood by dev manager, dev and QA engineers, and tech writers

Requirement to the candidate:

  • Define things clearly in written English
  • Code in a programming language
  • Be able to use any API
  • Understand how modern web/SaaS technologies work, knowledge of IP telephony is a plus


  • Make life better for our customers’ employees and customers
  • Grow in Product management track

BrightPattern is at the phase when we have the product and it is competitive and it works and we are beginning to scale. We’re switching gears from individual targeted sales to wide market adoption with shorter sales cycles and self-provisioning oriented methodology.

This is a unique opportunity to work in a company who is the leader in its market and continues to invest in expanding its advantage. In addition, you’ll work in an exciting, fast-paced startup environment with experienced industry leaders.

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