As the healthcare industry moves past the pandemic, the effects of its rapid shift to digitization linger—and are likely to stay forever. Clients expect healthcare providers to provide seamless digital experiences. Clinics, hospitals, and other caregivers failing to meet new service standards will find themselves losing customers to their competitors in short order.    The […]Continue reading

At this point in our society, nearly every business uses cloud-based software on some level. You’ve undoubtedly experienced its many benefits: automatic updates, zero downtime, digital workspaces, the ability to promote remote work, flexibility, and more. Still, when it comes to your call center, tradition can have a pretty strong hold. Many of the concerns […]Continue reading

Today’s customers expect a quality care experience with no exceptions. Slow response times, unhelpful agents, and other shortcomings will drive clients to competitors prepared to serve them better. But there’s a new form of customer care that’s elevating brands of all sizes to service excellence. It lets companies solve tickets three times faster, with their […]Continue reading

You’ve read about the features and benefits of your outbound call center software, and it all sounds great. You’re ready to buy, but there’s one lingering question: how will I know if it’s working? Calculating the return-on-investment (ROI) on your outbound call center solution is essential. It’s also not as difficult as it might seem.  […]Continue reading

Abandoned calls are when calls are dropped while in a call center queue. Abandoned calls are signs of missed opportunities and bad customer service, as customers who abandon calls are usually left dissatisfied with the CX and may be irritated with not being able to have  their issue resolved. Here are some tips for reducing […]Continue reading

Voice calls make the bulk of many call center interactions for some businesses, and making the voice call personalized and efficient is important. With CRMs, voice calls can become personalized and will allow call centers to follow the customer journey beyond voice calls. CRMs can also help with quality assurance during voice calls. Here’s how […]Continue reading

Outbound contact centers and businesses that handle outbound interactions need to connect with as many potential customers and clients as possible, but also need to focus on providing a  great customer experience that’ll help build great customer relationships as well as improve customer satisfaction. CRMs can help power outbound interactions and personalize them through a […]Continue reading

The differences between contact centers and call centers are fundamental. Both are places where customers come for help and receive customer support, but their capabilities in terms of technology and how they deliver the customer experience are vastly distinct. Knowing their differences lets your brand make the best choice for reliable, accessible customer service. So […]Continue reading