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In the contact center industry, big data and the use of it can make a big impact on the customer experience your contact center delivers. Especially for large contact centers handling high call volume, analyzing the data can help streamline your call center. Having call center analytics software in your contact center is crucial for […]Continue reading

Call center efficiency is important in the contact center industry. Better call center efficiency means better ROI, more satisfied customers, and empowered call center agents. There are many metrics and strategies used in the industry to measure efficiency. In this blog, we’ll talk about the technologies that your call center needs to boost call center […]Continue reading

Customer Contact Week (CCW) events are the world’s largest events in the customer experience/contact center space. This year, we went to the annual CCW event in Las Vegas, and then the annual CCW Europe event, which took place in Amsterdam, Netherlands, earlier this month. For those looking for great CX in Amsterdam, we wanted to […]Continue reading

“This call may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance purposes” is something we’ve all heard on the phone when dialing in with a company’s customer service department. But what does this sentence mean? What are they recording and how are they using it? And what are the legal implications of it?