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Research from IQPC, Gartner, Dimension Data, and others shows that customers want effortless omnichannel journeys across channels, yet less than 15% of companies today offer seamless conversations. Why are companies not providing omnichannel support? Many find it too difficult and time-consuming to implement. Luckily, our latest ebook “Top Ten Keys for Creating, Measuring, and Improving […]Continue reading

The most admired companies remove practices that might curb the extension of care, or limit employees to act in good conscience. They work to remove boundaries and pressures that prohibit customer-driven decision making. And they challenge themselves to walk away from practices that aren’t congruent with their values. 

In the modern day, the goal of customer service has transformed from cutting costs to providing a differentiated customer experience. Due to this shift, the software used to connect with customers has also transformed, transitioning from call center software into customer engagement platforms. Customer engagement platforms optimize the customer journey and cater to the experience […]Continue reading

In the contact center industry, big data and the use of it can make a big impact on the customer experience your contact center delivers. Especially for large contact centers handling high call volume, analyzing the data can help streamline your call center. Having call center analytics software in your contact center is crucial for […]Continue reading

Call center efficiency is important in the contact center industry. Better call center efficiency means better ROI, more satisfied customers, and empowered call center agents. There are many metrics and strategies used in the industry to measure efficiency. In this blog, we’ll talk about the technologies that your call center needs to boost call center […]Continue reading