Conversational interactive voice response (IVR) makes support faster and more personalized for clients than traditional IVR. And in an age of chatbots and email, 42% of people still prefer phone calls for customer support. Personal service and a personalized customer experience  boosts conversions, and there’s nothing more personal than talking to a human. But humans […]Continue reading

In the simplest sense, the role of government is to represent and serve its constituents, those who live under its influence. The government is responsible for improving the community, representing their constituents, and delivering basic services while ensuring that the community runs smoothly. Customer service, therefore, is more than a nice-to-have. It’s essential in the […]Continue reading

As the contact centers as a service (CCaaS) model’s evolved, AI customer service tools have become a useful feature that allows call centers to improve various aspects of the customer and agent experience. Customer service AI boosts customer satisfaction, worker efficiency, and your business’s ROI. And AI is filling more advanced roles in customer service […]Continue reading

Running a call center means handling customer data and sensitive information that needs to be kept secure. This means having features that keeps data secure, access controls for sensitive information, as well as secure data transmission. One of the main compliance procedures to help ensure that a contact center software is compliant and secure is […]Continue reading

Without a doubt, the future of customer service is omnichannel. In fact, according to a recent study, 9 out of 10 customers demand omnichannel support. Omnichannel contact centers make client support easier by seamlessly connecting all channels (e.g., text, email, chat, voice, etc.). An omnichannel platform connects all of these channels into one, seamless conversation […]Continue reading

Running a call center is crucial for many businesses that want to provide customer service and give customers an outlet to connect with. However, call centers can also be expensive to operate and maintain depending on the platform that is chosen and the technology that you integrate with your call center platform. For this reason, […]Continue reading

CCW Vegas 2022, the world’s largest contact center event from June 20 until June 23, 2022, was a major success! Bright Pattern, an exhibitor as well as workshop presenter at CCW Vegas 2022, was proud to be a participant, sponsor, and exhibitor at the event. Here is the CCW Vegas 2022 Recap. Runner-Up for CCW […]Continue reading

Call center software and figuring out which one to select can be a major business decision for organizations and companies. Choosing the right call center software can improve customer service, save time and costs for businesses, and improve workforce performance and productivity. Choosing the wrong call center software, however, can actually make operating a call […]Continue reading

Predictive dialers could be an ideal solution if you’re looking for ways to maximize your outbound call capabilities to support call center operations. With predictive dialers, you can significantly increase revenue from calls and boost productivity, all while saving agents time. This solution maximizes your ability to reach leads with an intuitive algorithm and software […]Continue reading