In the world of business, the customer is king. Many businesses need to respond to changes in the needs and wants of their consumers, or else they will fall behind. Customer service is a critical part of a business’s success, with many businesses becoming shining stars in their respective industries due to the exceptional quality of their customer service.

In the year 2019 I published a metric called the 90/90 rule in my book One IT, One Business. This rule calls out the importance of automation and speed–two powerful allies in the advancement of ITSM. This rule calls for IT organizations to be 90% automated with regards to all tasks and business processes and to be performing these same important blocks of work 90% faster by the year 2025.

Omdia, formerly known as Ovum, is a leading industry analyst and consultancy firm based in London, England. As part of their annual Decision Matrix and Multichannel Cloud Contact Center Buyer’s Guide, Omdia evaluates top multichannel cloud contact center vendors based on the company’s technology, execution, and market impact.