When we published our outlook for 2021, we optimistically called it “The ABCs of Post Pandemic Contact Center”. After 2020, and with vaccines being introduced, we looked forward to a return to some normality. But if there’s one thing 2021 has taught us all, it is that normal doesn’t look quite the same as we […]Continue reading

The idea of “omnichannel” is not a new one — businesses have been striving to provide a seamless experience for customers that transcends the barriers of channel and device for years. Now, with the proliferation of mobile devices and an increasing number of customers accessing their businesses via multiple channels, omnichannel software solutions have become […]Continue reading

The delivery of services whether it be the proven IT Service Desk model, IT Service Management (ITSM), or the evolution of Enterprise Service Management (ESM) for a full range of non-IT services across the organization, brings with it the challenges of improving communications and automation to improve the customer experience and overall service management performance. […]Continue reading

One of the main reasons for providing great customer service and a great customer experience is to increase the number of sales your business closes. Utilizing effective, advanced call center software is one of the best ways to increase customer satisfaction, which in-turn will increase the amount of sales your business closes. Here are ways […]Continue reading

Quality assurance is one of the most important functions a call center needs to do to ensure high quality customer experiences on every customer interaction. Conducting quality assurance and putting in place an efficient quality assurance system, however, can be challenging and tedious. One of the ways your call center can get a complete view […]Continue reading

The call center is the face of the business for many businesses, companies, and organizations. For this reason, businesses must ensure that their call center, and especially their call center software, can support customer interactions smoothly and efficiently. Here are some of the mistakes call centers make and how to fix them. Focusing on First […]Continue reading

An outbound call center is a vital part of the customer experience that many businesses provide. An outbound call center can exist for many different purposes. Outbound call centers allow businesses to make outbound calls to customers and prospects efficiently. These call centers are useful for use cases like telemarketing, outbound sales, fundraising, surveying, and […]Continue reading