Contact Center Software Pricing

Bright Pattern offers flexible contact center software pricing where you only pay for what you need! On our scalable platform you only pay for seat usage and features month-to-month. With our rapid deployment, you can get up and running in weeks to ensure the best time to benefit.

Low One-Time Set-Up Fee

Includes 45 hours of services for workflow implementation and training:

  • Discovery and Design Workshop
  • Configuration and Customization to customer requirements
  • Testing and Evaluation
  • Agent and Supervisor Training
  • Administration Mentoring & Knowledge Transfer
Customer Service Optimization
Inbound Voice ACD Y Y Y
Virtual queue/call back Y Y Y
Personal routing Y Y Y
Omni-channel ACD (Voice/Chat/Email) Y Y
Email processing PUSH - distribution and PULL - shared queue Y Y
Web chat routing (skills-based) Y Y
SMS/MMS conversations Y Y
Social media interactions routing Y Y
Same region (follow the sun) distribution Y
Omni-channel Scenarios, IVR, and Workflow
Visual flow builder Y Y Y
IVR voice scenarios Y Y Y
Omni-channel scenarios Y Y
Multilingual TTS for IVR Y Y Y
Prompt management Y Y Y
3rd Party Data access APIs Y Y Y
Automation workflows $ $ Y
Agent Empowerment
Context-driven UI Y Y Y
Web-based screen pops with 3rd party apps Y Y Y
Scripted conversations Y Y
Knowledge Base / Canned replies Y Y Y
Predefined Conversation Templates Y Y
Prerecorded Voice Messages Y Y Y
Click to Call APIs Y Y Y
Agent home screen performance stats Y Y Y
Customer experience
Contact Management Y Y Y
Customer profile / Customizable view and object structure Y Y Y
Customer journey/conversations history Y Y Y
Customer Identification Y Y Y
Omni-channel conversations Y Y
Customer data augmentation $ (usage-based, per match) $ (usage-based, per match)
360 customer view Y Y
Real-Time Sentiment level alerts Y Y
In-App Customer Service SDK (iOS, Android) Y Y
AI, Automation and Bot (usage-based IBM Watson)
Chatbot (web chat/sms/messengers) with NLU $ $
Sentiment reading $ $
Conversations Analysis and Word Cloud $ $
Agent Assistance $ $
Chat / Mobile Chat / Social
Customer initiated Web Chat Y Y
Proactive Chat Y Y
SMS/MMS chat Y Y
Credit Card Masking Y Y
Co-Browsing Y Y
Post transactional surveys Y Y
Secure forms Y Y
Web call back Y Y
Social Messengers (FB, LINE, VIBER, WECHAT) $/concurrent user Y
Proactive Contact
Preview Dialing Y Y Y
Predictive Dialing Y Y Y
Progressive Dialing Y Y Y
Voice Broadcast $/minute $/minute $/minute
Automated list load Y Y Y
Advanced dial rules Y Y
Automated results export Y Y Y
List management Rest API Y Y Y
Scheduled Callbacks Y Y Y
Extensive list sorting and filtering Y Y Y
Optimal Calling hours Y Y Y
Dynamic CallerID assignment (local Caller) Y Y Y
Right Party Contact Scenarios Y Y Y
Answering Machine Detection Y Y Y
Campaign Diagnostics Y Y Y
Real-time Campaign progress monitoring Y Y Y
Automatic Campaign Quota Control Y Y Y
Safe Calling hours Y Y Y
DNC lists Y Y Y
Campaign Diagnostics Y Y Y
Dynamic Scripting forms $ Y Y
Supervision and Quality management
Voice supervision (monitor, whisper, barge-in) Y Y Y
Chat monitoring, sulfur, participant Y Y
Email queue monitoring Y Y
Call Recording Y Y Y
Chat transcripts Y Y
Voice Transcription Y Y Y
Supervisor alerts / group messaging Y Y Y
Real-time agent adherence monitoring Y Y Y
Agent "Raise Hand" assistance Y Y Y
Agent Screen Recording $ $ Y
Standard 10 Question scorecards
QM Pro with customizable scorecards and QM assignments $ $ Y
Post transactional CSAT/NPS surveys Y Y Y
Customizable reporting (drag&drop) Y Y Y
Reports delivery automation (email, FTP/SFTP) Y Y Y
Usage reports Y Y Y
Direct connection to historical DB for external BI tools $/concurrent user $/concurrent user Y
Recordings Exports Y Y Y
Transcripts and cases export APIs Y Y Y
Customizable Real-Time Wallboards Y Y Y
Security & Compliance
Data Encryption at rest $/concurrent user Y Y
Credit Card masking from email, chat and voice transcripts Y Y
Credit Card screen detection APIs (stop/resume recordings) Y Y Y
PCI Certified environment (+ $8000 one time) $/concurrent user $/concurrent user $/concurrent user
SSO (SAML2) with ADFS, OKTA, FORGEROCK $/named user Y
Audit trail Y Y Y
APIs & Integrations
Agent Desktop Widget with CTI API Y Y
.Net client API Y Y
SalesForce $ $ Y
Zendesk $ $ Y
RightNow $ $ Y
ServiceNow $ $ Y
3rd Party DB Y Y Y
3rd Party Web Service Y Y Y
WFM integration (ASPECT, VERINT, INJIXO, LOXYSOFT, MONET) $/concurrent user $/concurrent user $/concurrent user
Amazon S3 data offload (call recordings) Y Y Y
Custom SIP Trunk (BYOT) $/minute $/minute $/minute
Active-Active DR Y Y Y
Global Deployment with local voice peers Y
Telco Prices
Inbound to a DID US $/minute $/minute $/minute
Inbound to a US toll-free number $/minute $/minute $/minute
Outbound US $/minute $/minute $/minute
BYOC SIP trunk usage $/minute $/minute $/minute
BYOC SIP trunk setup $ (one time) $ (one time) $ (one time)
International Rates - vary by country See intl. rate deck See intl. rate deck See intl. rate deck
SMS Outbound over toll-free $/message $/message $/message
SMS Inbound over toll-free $/message $/message $/message
SMS Outbound over local DID $/message $/message $/message
SMS Inbound over local DID $/message $/message $/message
MMS inbound $/message $/message $/message
MMS outbound $/message $/message $/message
DIDs and TFNs
Local number $ number/month $ number/month $ number/month
Toll-free number $ number/month $ number/month $ number/month
International DID market price market price market price
Data limits: size & storage time
"Recordings | Chats | Stats | Audit Logs |
Emails 1 month | 1 month | 13 months | 1 month | 12 month"
"Recordings | Chats | Stats | Audit Logs |
Emails 13 months | 13 months | 24 months | 1 month | 24 month"
$/concurrent user $/concurrent user $/concurrent user
Screen Recording Storage BP - 90 days $/concurrent user $/concurrent user $/concurrent user

Why Wait?

We are happy to answer questions and discuss specific workflows and requirements on a live presentation online, or set up a pilot project to trial the solution without paying any license fees