Does Microsoft Teams have live chat support?

First Time Setup for Live Chat for Microsoft Teams

Does Microsoft Teams have live chat support

Learning how to use Live Chat in Microsoft Teams

Give real-time customer service via Microsoft Teams. Help customers solve their problems, reduce support tickets and remain up-to-date with all queries without the need to learn a new program. Does Microsoft Teams have live chat support? How to Use MS Teams for Customer Support?

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Does Microsoft Teams provide live chat support

Does Microsoft Teams have live chat support?

Does Microsoft Teams have live chat support? It is true that Microsoft Teams has live chat support for paid Microsoft 365 subscribers. To get live chat, hit the “Help” button in the upper right hand area of Teams application and then choose “Contact support”. Then, you will be able to chat with Microsoft support representatives. Microsoft support agent.

Support for live chats is available 24 hours a day to provide assistance whenever you require it. Support staff are experienced and can assist you with many issues, like creating Teams and troubleshooting issues or assisting for specific features.If you’re making use of the trial version Microsoft Teams, you can still seek assistance by contacting Microsoft support. But, you’ll need to send a ticket via Microsoft support. Microsoft Support website.

Below are some steps for how to send an email for Microsoft support:

  1. Go to the Microsoft support website:
  2. Click on the “Contact support” button.
  3. Select the product you need help with.
  4. Select the type of issue you are having.
  5. Enter your contact information.
  6. Describe your issue in detail.
  7. Click on the “Submit” button.

The Microsoft customer support rep will be in touch with you to help to resolve the problem.

List of the features Live Chat provides

  • Chat with visitors directly from Microsoft Teams
  • See who you’re chatting with including name, email, and page URL
  • Set up separate chat widgets for each of your websites
  • Style your chat widget to fit your brand
  • Map each widget to a separate team or channel
  • Create department based routing to separate channels
  • Send quick replies for common questions
  • Send and receive files from your chat visitors
  • Handoff chats between team members
  • Customize your widget for your language
  • Optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop browsers

Live Chat offers the same excellent experience that you have come to expect from Teams. Its features include file sharing, department-based route routing and slash command information about your visitor’s location, their browser as well as any other customized information regarding your visitors that you can provide such as email address name, address, and telephone number.

List of the features Live Chat provides

Setting up Live Chat for Microsoft Teams

First Time Setup

Just getting started? We’ll guide you through your first-time set-up tasks here. 

  • Talk to other businesses in your industry: Ask advice from other companies that are in your industry. They might be able to talk about their experiences using various contact center services.


  • Read reviews: Read about various contact center services online. This can give you an idea of what other customers have to say about the services.


  • Demo the solution: Before you decide, take the time to try out the solution. This gives you the chance to observe how it operates and what you need from it.

1. Add a Live Chat Tab to your Team right from Microsoft Teams.

  • If you have already added a Live Chat tab to your Team while installing our app, great! You should look for the Live Chat tab.  
  • Now, select the ‘Sign In with Microsoft’ button to authorize Live Chat for your Teams account. That’s it – you don’t need to sign up for a separate account. If you have not yet added a Live Chat tab to your Team or do not see the Live Chat tab yet, just click the ‘+’ button at the end of the tab list.
  • Then search for ‘Live Chat’ in the popup and select it.
  • Once you save the settings, you are all set with Step 1.
  • Chat requests will be sent to the shared Team channel for every Live Chat.
  • You can reply to chats from the Team conversation or the dedicated ‘Live Chat’ tab.
  • Next, mention our ‘@Live Chat’ bot in your posts on this channel to make sure we see your messages.

2. Next, to access your Chat Settings and Agent Settings, add the Live Chat app to your personal workspace.

  • Click on the 3 dots in the left sidebar and search for ‘Live Chat’.
  • If you have not yet added your app to your Team, FIRST choose the option ‘Add to a Team’ and select the Team that you have added your Live Chat tab to. THEN, select ‘Add’ to add Live Chat to your personal workspace. 
  • (Note: If you don’t see it in the left sidebar when selecting the horizontal dots icon, search for ‘Live Chat’ and select it.)

Each Team member should also add your Live Chat app to their workspace individually, as this is how your Team members can change their Agent Settings, such as their photo and nickname.

* If you aren’t receiving chat requests to your team:

If you are not receiving Live Chat request notifications to your Team, you may not have added the app to a Team when originally installing. You can always uninstall and reinstall the app to your workspace in the following article.

3. Turn on your Channel Notifications.

By default, new Post Notifications are turned off. To make sure you never miss a Live Chat request, turn on your Channel Notifications. Just click the 3 dots next to your Team’s ‘General’ channel. Then, on the popup, choose ‘All New Posts’: ‘Banner and feed’: then ‘Save’. You can also choose to display notifications ‘Only in feed’. Either option will work.

4. Add your code snippet to your website.

  • Go to the Live Chat app settings and select the ‘Code Snippet’ option to find your code snippet. 
    You can access the Live Chat app settings from the left-hand navigation by clicking the horizontal 3 dots, then choosing Live Chat. If you don’t see your Live Chat listed here, add it by selecting the ‘Browse all apps’ button, then adding Live Chat.
  • Once in the app settings, choose the ‘Chat Settings’ tab, then choose ‘Install Code Snippet’.
  • Simply copy and paste this code into any website where you would like to add your Live Chat Widget. Once you do this, you can chat with website visitors right from Teams.

5. Preview your Live Chat and send a Test Chat.

  • Go to the Live Chat ‘Chat Settings’ page and select the ‘Preview’ option. You can also get there from the welcome message we sent to your Team when you added your Live Chat app.
  • Enter any test information in the pre-sales chat form and click submit. Once you do this, a Live Chat request will be sent directly to the Team you added your Live Chat to.
  • Upon receiving the request, reply to the chat from Teams.
  • Once you send a test chat to your Team, you can reply to the chat request. 
  • If you don’t see the chat request in your Team, then you may not have added the bot to your team when originally installing the app.
  • Click on the ‘Accept Chat’ button to accept the chat right in your conversation. Then reply to the conversation making sure to mention ‘@Live Chat’ in your reply so the messages are sent to our bot. 

How to Use MS Teams for Customer Support

  1. Integrate Live Chat with Microsoft Teams
    In the beginning, you must establish a live chat system for Teams. By doing this, customers will be able to interact with the support team on the web.
  2. Embed Live Chat Code Snippet on the Website
    Incorporate our live chat embed it into your website to add support for customers to Microsoft Teams.
  3. Start helping customers from Microsoft Teams directly
    Receive chat requests from your team that you have configured. Chat with customers and offer assistance to customers directly from Microsoft teams.

Why Use Microsoft Teams for Customer Service

The truth is that Microsoft Teams doesn’t seem like the best option to be a live-streamed support channel.

The use of Microsoft Teams as a help desk allows your support team to assist customers without leaving the application they utilize to communicate with chat and interact alongside colleagues all day long.

In actual fact using MS Teams integrated with the customer support processes can bring incredible advantages for your business:

  • Better response time.

Working in Teams means that your customer service teams do not have to switch between tools to deal with tickets and requests. They can answer customer questions in real time from the tool they have opened on their screens already.

  • Using Teams fosters conversations and cooperation.

It’s what the tool’s been built for, after all. Conversing with customers in Teams will naturally boost collaboration, and build stronger relationships with customers.

  • Using Teams for customer support is convenient.

Using Teams as a help desk integrates customer service with the rest of the business. Support teams can ask anyone for help and assistance right away, and as a result, assist customers faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Microsoft is a software and internet service provider. Microsoft is the world’s leading supplier of computer software, hardware for mobile, computer and gaming systems; as well as cloud services.

Microsoft’s Customer Service team Microsoft offers support via the following channels live chat and social media support. self-service and forum assistance.

Contact Microsoft support by contacting Microsoft support team via an online Chat with live support agent on their site or sending them a message via any of their social networks.

Microsoft does not offer telephone customer service.


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