Focus Your Attention on Your Top Customers

Zendesk & Bright Pattern

Are your top customers waiting too long?

Are your top customers waiting too long to receive human-assisted service? With Bright Pattern Contact Center for Zendesk, you can transparently pull data about calling customers, and use that data to prioritize and direct them to skilled agents accordingly. This, in turn, improves your contact center’s service levels and efficiency, saves time, and ultimately, increases customer satisfaction.

Recognize Your TOP Customers

Recognize your customers using Zendesk,, or any other customer data source. We help you automate the process of accessing customer data that lives outside of Zendesk and bring it in to Zendesk—so your agents don’t have to do anything at all. Your communication system pulls customer data, checks entitlement, creates new cases, prioritizes them, and pops important information to the agent’s screen. For everyone involved, Bright Pattern for Zendesk saves time by accessing customer data automatically.

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