ServiceNow Integration

Bright Pattern’s omnichannel cloud call center solutions integrate with ServiceNow IT service management software to enable seamless customer conversations using voice, messaging, email, and video.

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Address Inquiries Fast

Omnichannel customer contact capabilities allow experts and knowledge workers to respond in context to any customer inquiry, be it an unsolicited inquiry or a notification reply. Users can recognize customers, record and distribute the interactions to analysts, capture customer satisfaction with post-transactional surveys, and assess analyst performance through an extensive set of reports.

Improved Customer Experience

ServiceNow customer data is pushed to the integrated Agent Desktop, enabling customers to be identified automatically according to their case number or any other data saved in ServiceNow applications. Moreover, customers keep their place in queue, ensuring that priority customers are identified as such and are served faster.

Built-in call and screen recording, monitoring, and grading quality management tools ensure maximum service quality. For example, a customer does not have to repeat information on transfer because the information follows the call through transfers and is saved to the activity history. To ensure the best service quality possible, agents and supervisors can routinely assess customer satisfaction by using built-in post-transactional surveys attached to both service and agent performance reports.

Virtual Queue

Our integration reduces agent load, which leads to fewer abandoned calls along with added convenience for customers. Virtual queuing functionality allows customers to receive a call back at a later time, so they are not waiting on hold endlessly during peak call times. Abandoned calls can be captured in a preview campaign, and customers can be reached later during less busy hours. Customers also have the option to leave a voicemail and receive a call back later.

Streamline Service with Automation

ServiceNow integration accounts are built on a platform that can be customized for any organization’s unique workflows. Such customization is achieved using Bright Pattern’s omnichannel Scenario Builder application.

Bright Pattern scenarios automate frequent requests into self-service using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology. With call scenarios, customers are prompted to provide information for their case, and their information is used to direct their case to the appropriate agent, voicemail box, or service queue. Call scenarios are used to design custom prompts for any service, as well as to search, create, and update data in ServiceNow.

Scenarios and IVR technology provide the following features:

  • The capability to work with multiple ServiceNow accounts
  • Web service access
  • Database access
  • Web application “screen pop” functionality on the user side, driven by URL query string parameters
  • Skills-based omnichannel routing of chat and voice with priority and media precedence; multiple interactions on an analyst; priority overrides
  • Chatbot API and bot integrations
  • Omnichannel recording, transcripts, and quality management
  • Accurate tracking of analysts’ time
  • The ability to save interactions to an activity log
  • Analyst performance reports

Straight-Forward Configuration

ServiceNow integration configuration involves linking your ServiceNow developer account to your Bright Pattern Contact Center tenant. When integrated with ServiceNow, features of your Bright Pattern Agent Desktop are merged with the ServiceNow environment. From one integrated Agent Desktop interface, you have direct access to the phone, live chat, SMS, mobile messenger apps, customer records, interaction details, and more.

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