Is there a dialer app?

Best Dialer Apps for Android

Is there a dialer app

Dialer apps and contacts apps for Android

Alongside the numerous features modern smartphones are now offering calls, the experience of calling has also seen changes. From the classic dialer interface, to contemporary ease of dialing a number or saving a contact there have been numerous improvements in the user experience. But, in the present the top dialer app for Android will provide something more than simply dialing capabilities. Some developers have solved this aspect and began providing additional features like the capability to record calls as well as call blocking capabilities and much more.
Is there a dialer app? In this article, we’ll be talking about the top phone dialer applications that include some features that you may consider useful. Stay with us until the end of the article as we walk you through these apps one at a time. one.

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Is there a dialer app?

Is there a dialer app? Yes, there is a dialer app for your smartphones. The latest smartphones might come with many options but calling is one of the main functions. To do this you’ll need dialer apps. Although the standard Android dialer is boring it is possible to call numbers an alternative method. What can you do to improve the Android dialing experience pleasurable? Third-party applications that offer a broad array of features are necessary. The most effective Android dialer software is accessible for download through the Google Play Store. Be selective when selecting a quality dialer as only a few are really worth your time.

Is dialer an app?

Yes. Dialer is an Android system application that provides a distraction-optimized (DO) experience for Bluetooth calling, contact browsing, and call management. An entirely operational implementation of Dialer is available within the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). This application can be used in its entirety or with a custom visual theme.

Best Phone Dialer & Contacts Apps for Android

As we live in a world of social interaction, where we need to keep a record of our contacts and other information related to them We aren’t satisfied with the basic dial and call feature. Many contact applications have been created in the past to enhance the experience of dialing and making calls for Android users. In this article you’ll learn about the top 20 contact applications for Android. These apps give you additional advanced features like cloud-based storage list of contacts images, voice order and many more. So let’s look at.
Our Top Picks:
To select the best free dialer app available for Android on this site, we’ve gone through them carefully. We’ve analyzed their features as well as user reviews in order to make sure you are using the top free apps available.
  1. Truecaller 
  2. Simple Dialler
  3. Clever Dialer 
  4. Drupe 
  5. True Phone Dialer
  6. Speed Dial
  7. Eyecon
  8. Dialer+ 
  9. Simple Contacts Pro
  10. Showcaller
Best Dialer Apps for Android


Looking for the best phone app on Android to dialer applications. This is another Android dialer app that’s worthy to be included on our list of top dialer applications is Truecaller since it offers speedy and accurate call tracking capabilities to its users.
The best phone application offers an array of customisation options for its users. Truecaller is simple to use and provides an intuitive user interface. Additionally it offers dual SIM support, which means that users are able to instantly switch between SIMs.
  • Smart calling and SMS management in this open dialer
  • Provides Google Duo call integration
  • Spam number blocking
  • Automatic Caller ID detection
  • Flash messaging options

Simple Dialler

Simply Dialler is the top dialer application for Android which is ideal for people who prefer easy-to-use features that are also effective in their dialer keys. It is regarded as the top Android dialer replacement software, this auto dialer application has large keypads that aid those who aren’t capable of seeing smaller icons because of weak eyesight. Furthermore, the functions of the keypad of this app can be modified according to preference of the user.
  • Customizable font color and size in this auto dialer app
  • Large buttons for a quick display and easy dialing facility in this auto dialing app
  • Option to add a contact button that dials directly from the contact list
  • A contact dialer with confirmation dialogue before every call

Clever Dialer

Clever Dialer The fastest dialing application, is a cleverly designed phone dialer app that allows users to manage, combine contacts, and locate duplicates. It’s one of the few applications that offer backup capabilities. Additionally, it is among the top free apps available for Android phones that effortlessly integrate all of your basic calls features, as well as advanced tools, all in one elegant UI (User Interface) design.
The essential functions of this greatest phone dialer app on Android include retrieving metadata, cross-platform synchronization, automatic enrichment of contacts and other.
  • Caller ID & SMS spam block in this auto-dialing app
  • One-touch option to call in this contact dialer
  • Smart card integration with the contacts
  • Support for Android Wear


Drupe is the top phone dialer application to Android for those who’ve become sick of receiving spam calls and want rid of them forever. With this top-quality, highly functional dialing application, users can also set up reminders for calls in order to identify legitimate and fake calls when on the go.
Alongside the previously mentioned capabilities as well as the previously mentioned functions, the call app also has a feature that lets users add animated GIFs to their outgoing calls. The call app contact could be a one-stop solution for those who want to manage calls across platforms such as WhatsApp or walkie-talkie. Facebook Messenger, Google Duo and many more.
  • One of the best phone contacts apps with In-built call recording
  • Caller ID tracker in this phone dialer for Android tablet
  • GIF Stickers integration with contacts
  • Multiple account integration in this phone dialer for Android tablet

True Phone Dialer

The True Dialer app is a must-have. Dialer app is the top Android dialer apps which is available at the Google Play store. It will replace your dialer pad and contacts to take the experience of dialing to a new level. The True Phone Dialer app has over 50,00,000plus Google Play store installs which makes it among the most popular Android dialer applications.
This True Phone Dialer app is one of the most popular free apps available for Android phones. It is very customizable and easy to use. You can also contact your friends on social networks using this application.
  • One of the best phone contacts apps with support for Multiple Languages
  • Fast T9 search in your recent calls and contacts
  • Extended Dual sim support
  • Well organized contact manager
  • Easy navigation

Speed Dial

If you’re in search of the most effective call dialer application for Android that makes speed dialing effortless, Speed dial could be the ideal application. Its birds’ view feature provides quick navigation between speed dial pages. With Apple Watch integration, this top phone dialer app on Android lets you call and text instantly, without having to worry.
Through its intelligent dialer and contacts technology users will also be able to get images instantly if they are able to access their contact information in this top Android dialer application. To make it more user-friendly, creators added FaceTime audio as well as FaceTime video calls features to the app.
  • Speed dial page in this apps dialer
  • 3D touch contacts in this speed dial app
  • Multiple language support
  • Call reminders in the apps dialer


Eyecon’s phone dialer & Contacts are the top free dialer app available for Android that users can utilize to block unwanted calls. Contrary to other dialer apps that are free that use voice dialing, this one application for Android does not bombard you with irrelevant advertisements.
In addition it also comes with Eyecon mobile dialer application equipped with quick shortcuts that users can make to connect to their contacts. There’s also a premium version with this phone dialer Android application that gives users the ability to utilize all features without ads interruption.
  • Visual Caller ID integration in this dial pad for Android
  • Sync with social media platforms
  • Spam filter in this dial pad for Android
  • Options for customization purposes


With this app for dialing calls for Android it is possible to dial voice calls. The users of the app can have the option of previewing the dialer’s functions on the contact or call log screen. The voice dialing application provides users with a fast method to get to the desired screen in just a few minutes, and is regarded as a convenience and is widely liked by users.
The best Android phone dialer application is fast and has a Magic List feature that predicts the people you’re most likely to contact by using predictive algorithms.
  • Robust performance and interactive UI in this best phone dialer app for Android
  • Tab navigation for a quick switch between favorites, history, and contacts
  • A wide range of themes in this best phone dialer app for Android
  • Instant options for sending texts and emails directly to groups

Simple Contacts Pro

From normal dialing to personalized calling functions featuring vibrant themes and colors, the voice dialing app offers everything. The most effective dialer for Android is simple to set up and to use. Similar to other dialer apps however, it needs consent from users to be able to access the contacts list to seamlessly run all functions of the dialer. To facilitate the use of devices it allows other functions on mobile phones to be integrated into dialler functions.
This dialer application does not display ads whatsoever, and offers users a seamless experience. It also offers a variety of different options for customization including languages like English, Czech, Danish and Dutch that makes it suitable to anyone around the world.
  • Great interface of this dialer app Android
  • Astute design
  • No ads in this dialer app Android
  • Customization options


Not the last option on this list of the best dialer applications, Showcaller features let you block calls, check caller IDs and record calls, as well as other features. The most popular dialer app on Android was designed by the developers to aid you make use of tools that make the call experience more secure and efficient for you. No matter if you have an older or newer generation of Android phones, the application will run smoothly because it does not require large configurations.
  • Smart calling features
  • Allows recording calls
  • Comes with an offline database
  • Dark theme for nights
These were, in fact, the top dialer applications for Android phones that you could install. They are thoroughly examined to make sure that your privacy is secure. Alongside a more comfortable and enjoyable calling experience and additional features, you will also enjoy benefits with these top dialer apps that make installing any of them worth your time. We hope that we could aid you in your search for the top dialing applications.

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