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ISO 27001 Compliant Call Center Software

Secure Your Conversations & Elevate Customer Trust with ISO 27001 Call Center Software

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is a worldwide standard for information security management that establishes guidelines for companies of all sizes to meet in terms of implementing, maintaining, and adapting a information security management system.

Meeting the compliance requirements means that a business or company has the systems in place for proper risk management and data protection for all data that passes through the company, and that the company follows the best practices for data security to a high standard.

When a company develops a proper information security management system ISMS, the company can register for ISO certification through an accredited certification body, which will carry out an audit to test the ISMS to ensure that the requirements are met.

This certification body is accredited by an international organization for standardization for ISO 27001. Once the certification is given out, your company is officially ISO certified.

Why Your Contact Center Needs ISO/IEC 27001 Compliance

Contact centers, especially ones in many customer-facing industries, handle data on a consistent basis. A lot of this also includes sensitive information, such as customer data, payment information, personal information, and more. This means that security controls and security policies are a necessity for your business to safeguard your customers and business integrity.

Because of this, Having ISO 27001:2013 certification is a great way for your business to ensure that it has the right security policies and security programs in place to remove vulnerabilities in your information security management systems. This means a minimization of security risks to customer’s personal information and other sensitive data.

What Does Your Call Center Software Need for ISO 27001 Compliance

Your contact center software needs to fulfill various cybersecurity necessities in order to achieve ISO 27001 certification. The service provider needs to:

  1. Establish a management framework that describes the processes in-place to meet implementation objectives. This means having an accountability system in place, a schedule of security activities, and regular auditing.

  2. Conduct an assessment of risk utilizing data. This risk assessment is a process that must be compared to a security criteria. Utilize risk assessment to discover “potential vulnerabilities to address.

  3. Implement systems that mitigate risk. “This means if security issues” are identified, the company must have a decision-making process to determine if it is to be treated, tolerated, or deleted.

  4. Regular training and continuing education of staff to increase awareness of information security throughout the organization. This includes learning courses to teach employees about the importance of information security. 

  5. Recording of case studies and documentation to support policies and safety procedures. This includes recording evidence of audits, results from risk assessment and penetration tests, customer stories, etc.

Risk Management for CX and Information Security

Your contact center software needs to fulfill various tests to prove that there is adequate risk management and intrusion detection. Vendor risk should be minimized to build trust and improve the safety of customer information. Here are some of the ways risk management can be done in the contact center:
  • Training: Training is a great way to provide better risk management. Agents should be trained to have thorough knowledge of the goods and services they are selling, and should be educated on data protection measures.

    These measures include good password and personal information management, how to effectively handle security happenings, and learning best practices for information security.

  • Continuous Improvement: Reducing security risks is a constant effort, and needs regular examination and routing inspections. This includes ensuring there are no vulnerabilities, all methods and systems are up-to-date, and more. 

  • Automation of Quality Assurance:: Automated call center quality assurance can help ensure that all agent interactions adhere to strong security standards. With a platform like Bright Pattern’s Omni QM, you can ensure comprehensive real-time security best practices in all interactions with little effort.

What Other Kinds of Compliance is Needed?

There are many different kinds of compliance software and security standards that companies should have in their call center software depending on their industry standards, their call center’s functionality, or their geographic location. Here is a graphic of the other compliance standards your contact center may need:

Compliance Type


When to Use This Dialer

ISO 27001International Standard for Information Security Programs in a BusinessEstablishment of security objectives with plans to achieve them. Should be measurable, achievable, relevant, and align with business objectives.
PCI DSSSecurity Standard for Payment Information ProtectionComprehensive data encryption, regular evaluation of risk and risk assessments, constant rescanning, and advanced access management.
SOC 2Standard Regulation for Customer Data Management24/7 Availability, Password Protection, Data Encryption, Processing Integrity
TCPAProtection of Customers from Unsolicited Outbound CallsIntegrations with DNC lists, Separate Dialing Servers, Outbound Dialing Metrics, and Expiration Records.
HIPAAProtection of Sensitive Patient Information for Healthcare IndustriesSeparation of Functions, Password Protection, Data Encryption, Audit Record, Secured Data Storage
GDPREuropean Security Protocols for Customer Information ManagementManual Content Deletion, Record Management, Document Processing, Security Management Data


What is SOC 2?

SOC 2 is a security framework that evaluates the effectiveness of an organization’s security protocols, such as how the company handles customer data, how it is stored in the cloud data center, cloud security features, and whether there is proper security and integrity. SOC Type II relies on five Trust Services Criteria, or TSC:
  • Security: Protecting information from unauthorized access and proper access control.
  • Availability: Ensuring your system is reliable and provides business continuity.
  • Processing Integrity: Verifying that company systems are operating properly.
  • Confidentiality: Protection of confidential information 
  • Privacy
SOC 2 is a necessity for contact centers, especially because CX organizations use data to deliver personalized customer experiences

This compliance ensures proper data management, ensures low risk of data breaches, and ensures all interactions are data protected

Bright Pattern’s customer service software is SOC 2 compliant and utilizes tools like effective access controls with proper authentication, data encryption, data secure classification policy with defined roles, full 24/7 availability, and secure data storage. It is fully vetted by the AICPA and up to the AICPA standard.

What is PCI DSS?

PCI DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. PCI DSS is a necessity for companies that accept, process, and transfer credit card information. A secure environment is critical to ensure that card payments are kept secure from unauthorized access.

Bright Pattern is fully PCI compliant and has the necessary security features to ensure that payment information is stored and transmitted securely, including comprehensive evaluations, comprehensive encryption, proactive risk assessment, and secured data centers.

What is HIPAA?

HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This regulation is for the purpose of maintaining the privacy of patients and their protected health information, or PHI.

Bright Pattern is HIPAA compliant and has many features to ensure that protected health information is protected from unauthorized access. Bright Pattern utilizes access control, advanced encryption, comprehensive audit records, and more.

Bright Pattern Compliant Contact Center Software

Bright Pattern is compliant for all major security standards, including SOC 2, TCPA, HIPAA, GDPR, PCI, ISO 27001, and more. Bright Pattern is based on the cloud in secure data servers, meaning the software, its features, and critical security information is protected. Encryption is heavily used, as well as access controls, password protections, constant audits, and more.

Bright Pattern ensures that both company’s and their customers are secure from security risks and vulnerabilities.

Key Features of Bright Pattern Contact Center Software

Bright Pattern’s omnichannel contact center software is a cloud contact center that delivers powerful CX software to your business to help agents deliver personalized interactions to customers on all communication channels, including digital and traditional channels. 

Being a phone system that is cloud hosted means Bright Pattern’s virtual call center software can easily deliver powerful CX solutions for a cost effective price. Call center agents can get access to a fully-capable call center platform that ensures high customer satisfaction with every interaction at a reasonable price. 

Bright Pattern’s software supports channels such as: 

  • Voice 
  • Email 
  • Text Messaging 
  • SMS 
  • Live Chat
  • Chat Bot 
  • Video Chat
  • Messenger Apps
  • Social Media
  • Mobile App
  • And more! 

Bright Pattern supports easy integrations with many pieces of third-party technology through plug-and-play APIs. This includes comprehensive CRM systems. This also includes artificial intelligence, which can help with tasks such as speech and text analytics, agent assist, and quality management solutions

Bright Pattern also has the tools needed to run an efficient inbound calls center and outbound call center. This includes efficient interactive voice response IVR systems to automate self-service and effective predictive dialer capabilities. These tools can improve call center metrics, reduce the redundancy of tasks, and improve the cusotmer experience. 

Bright Pattern has a natively-built omnichannel quality management system, called Omni QM. Omni QM allows agents to review 100% of all interaction on every channel. Bright Pattern also keeps activity records and call recordings within its quality management systems, ensuring that supervisors get a birds-eye view of what is happening in the call center in real-time. 

Finally, Bright Pattern’s software follows many security and compliance guidelines to ensure call center security. Bright Pattern is certified for SOC 2, GDPR, HIPAA, TCPA, ISO 27001, and PCI. 

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