Introducing the World’s First
Omni-Enterprise Contact Center Platform

The latest release of the contact center powering CX for 500+ customers in 26 countries has arrived.

The Bright Pattern Platform

Omnichannel Conversations

Easy, seamless omnichannel conversation across voice and digital channels for both customers and agents.

Omnichannel Quality Management

Monitor 100% of interactions on every channel and allow you to review, score and coach agents to improve CX.

Omni-Enterprise CX™

Allow any employee to connect on voice and digital channels via Bright Pattern Mobile App.

What is Omni-Enterprise CX™?

Allow any employee (even people outside the contact center) to connect to customers via their mobile phone on voice and digital channels. This includes calls, webchat, SMS and messengers - WhatsApp, Facebook, Line, and others.

For Agents

Omnichannel Desktop – an effortless

conversation across all channels.

For Other Employees

Omnichannel Mobile App for

voice, webchat, messenger and SMS


Omni-Enterprise CX™ enables new use-cases for organizations in all industries.


Retail customers can reach in-store associates who are experts on a particular product via voice or digital channels.

Financial Services

In-field employees such as insurance agents or mortgage loan officers can be connected to customers while mobile.


Patients can get in touch with anyone in the healthcare enterprise such as nurses, lab technicians, pharmacy staff, or claims information specialists.

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Simply Powerful Software in Action

See how Australia’s largest office supply chain improves CSAT and in-store productivity with Omni-Enterprise CX™

“Bright Pattern’s Omni-Enterprise capability within its larger platform is now bringing voice and digital communication to any employee via mobile devices to improve CX and allow contact center metrics to provide visibility on all employees of an enterprise to drive greater productivity.”

Nancy Jamison, Senior Director, Frost & Sullivan

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