Bright Pattern Launches AI Solution Packs for Easy to Deploy Artificial Intelligence in Contact Centers

Bright Pattern AI Solution Packs are an industry-first for making Artificial Intelligence easy to deploy in contact centers with immediate ROI

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., April 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Bright Pattern, the most powerful AI-powered cloud contact center for innovative companies, today announces Bright Pattern AI Solution Packs to help companies of all sizes utilize artificial intelligence instantly in their contact center operations. Although AI is a top priority for CIOs and companies looking to transform with a next-generation digital customer experience, most companies struggle to deploy AI for positive business outcomes and improved ROI. A 2020 Bright Pattern survey shows that most companies rate AI as a top priority, with 78% of respondents looking to implement AI in the near future. Yet, most respondents struggle to plan and deploy AI efficiently.

Bright Pattern AI Solution Packs are configured in Bright Pattern’s Journey Builder for easy deployment to address common contact center use-cases. These use-case workflows can be configured easily with simple drag-and-drop business rules to automate AI scenarios for quick payback. Our first release of Bright Pattern AI Solution Packs include:

  • Virtual Assistants with a Human Touch – create a seamless handoff between bots and agents with full context for effortless and personalized conversations.
  • AI Agent Assist – provide agents with AI recommended responses to customer questions on channels such as chat, text, email, and messengers. Agents can also see customer sentiment in real-time on any channel as they interact with customers.
  • AI-Powered Omnichannel Quality Management – utilize AI to monitor every interaction on every channel, including webchat, text messages, email, messengers, and voice.
    • AI Routing For Problem Resolution – route poor sentiment interactions to the best-skilled agent to address customer issues.
    • AI Routing to Supervisors for Coaching – analyze every interaction for sentiment and route interactions below target SLAs to supervisors for evaluation, scoring, and coaching
  • AI Keyword Detection  – utilize AI to monitor all interactions on all channels and detect keywords or phrases indicating customer unrest (e.g.. cancel service) to immediately route to quality managers for resolution in the moment.
  • AI Conversational IVR – allow customers to speak naturally to your IVR with Natural Language Processing to understand intent versus inflexible traditional IVRs with high effort.
  • AI Triage for Self-Service – automatically gather and fill out customer information on forms or via voice to improve the speed and ease of self-service.

Bright Pattern AI Solution Packs are powered by industry-leading AI from Google, IBM, Lex, and Microsoft as well as Bright Pattern’s own AI.

“Bright Pattern was recently recognized as having the highest ROI in the industry and fastest time to deploy per customer reviews (link) and these new AI Solution Packs will make our solutions even easier and faster for companies looking to deploy AI and see an immediate ROI,” noted Michael McCloskey, CEO of Bright Pattern.

“For companies that are looking to infuse AI into customer contact, Bright Pattern’s Bright AI provides a plethora of choices as to how to do so—from desktop automation (as well as integration with other RPA vendors) to intelligent bots and messaging applications,” said Nancy Jamison, Principal Analyst for Frost & Sullivan.