An E-mail Channel and Screen Recording lead a long list of exciting new functionality Bright Pattern introduces with the latest version of their Bright Pattern™ multi-media contact center platform.

“Seamless, blended, multi-media interaction handling has long been our calling card,” said Konstantin Kishinsky, CEO of Bright Pattern, “adding e-mail and video into the mix is the finishing touch and a very natural evolution of our platform capabilities. Now our subscribers and our partners’ subscribers can increase customer satisfaction by offering additional choices for contact channels to their clients while reducing the costs associated with handling blended interactions via our enhanced  Media Concurrency interaction distribution. Adding additional channels is an exciting method to increase customer satisfaction, however, measuring the effectiveness of operations and your customer experience is key to increasing overall service quality. Screen Monitoring and Recording are  key technologies for managing quality and archiving transactions that we are happy to offer as built-in functionality.”

The E-mail functionality includes push and pull distribution models, keyword categorization, and includes an integrated Knowledge Base with automatic template capabilities.

Media Concurrency provides the structure for defining the rules for distribution of multiple interactions of different media to an agent.

The new Agent Metrics Dashboard displays key performance metrics to each agent. The set of metrics is customizable per agent team.

Video sessions can now be established as part of our Rich Contact Experience technology for multi-media communication with mobile and web-based customers.

Screen Monitoring allows supervisors to watch in real-time their agents’ screens during their work, one at a time; Screen Recording captures the screens for later review and grading.

A number of additional features are also included.

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About Bright Pattern

Bright Pattern offers the next generation of cloud contact center and customer experience management solutions. Based on Bright Pattern platform, architected from the ground up as a cloud-based service, Bright Pattern offers the right blend of enterprise-grade functionality, reliability, and scalability not otherwise available in the industry. For more information, visit