Bright Pattern, leading provider of global contact center software, announces upcoming fall release to include local presence and region-aware routing.

Bright Pattern today announced two major new capabilities for deploying Cloud Contact Centers globally:

Local presence: which allows a Cloud Contact Center to create points of presence across the globe with local telephone numbers and recording. Local phone numbers are cost effective and shorten the voice path for better voice quality. A local recording provides compliance with country regulations.

Region-aware routing: which allows global companies to preferably direct incoming calls simply from a region to local resources.

These two essential capabilities complement the Any-cloud feature released in Bright Pattern’s Spring 2016 release. The Any-cloud feature allows enterprises to select the cloud provider of their choice for running their Cloud Contact Center software. Bright Pattern’s Any-cloud feature is supported on Open Stack, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and more. It provides businesses with additional flexibility for running multiple instances of their Contact Center software across the globe.

“Virtual Contact Centers have been an essential requirement of enterprises for several decades”. says Konstantin Kishinsky, a CEO and Founder of Bright Pattern. “What has changed lately is that it has become more necessary for midsize businesses that are looking to implement their global service using a cloud solution.”

By decoupling call termination and recording and offering the choice of the cloud platform, Bright Pattern is creating new options to virtualize Cloud Contact Centers.

Bright Pattern has released a white paper that explains the challenges of deploying customer service globally and outlines more sophisticated cloud architecture options that solve some of the common challenges of global deployment.

Local presence and Region-aware routing are available with Bright Pattern’s upcoming Fall release.